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Wart removal

When seeking a wart removal treatment, one most focus on eradicating HPV. hpv is the virus responsible for causing warts and genital warts and is called the human papillomavirus.

When the hpv virus is destroyed, wart removal is possible. Approximately 40% of Americans are infected with HPV and thus seeking a wart removal treatment. It is estimated that one million new infections of HPV or genital warts occur every year. It is more common for HPV or genital warts to be detected in women, however, up to 85% of the male partners of women diagnosed with HPV test positive for HPV. Once diagnosed, finding an effective non irritant wart removal remedy becomes critical to help avoid HPV transmission.

Regardless of one’s sex, one can carry the HPV virus for years without ever knowing they are infected and thus do not seek a wart removal treatment. This results because if a person has genital warts, they rarely experience discomfort and the infected tissue does not necessarily appear to be abnormal unless examined carefully. Approximately 80% of females diagnosed with cervical cancer have HPV, most notably HPV 16, HPV 18, and HPV 31, thus finding an effective and safe wart removal treatment that much more important. Finding a reliable wart removal treatment which is non invasive is not an easy task but possible.

If one goes to the doctor seeking a wart removal treatment they will be faced with very few options. Wart removal options offered by the doctors are almost always painful, invasive, cause scaring, and are traumatic. The most common methods for wart removal for genital warts or body warts are burning (cauterization) and freezing (cryosurgery).

However, wart removal for genital warts, plantar warts (often misspelled as planter warts), flat warts, and other body warts has been highly successful using topical herbal applications. The basis of this wart removal treatment has been the use of Thuja extract or specific concentrations of organically grown thuja essential oil.

A specific concentration of Certified Organic Thuja oil is an effective wart removal remedy as it contains the main molecular component thujone. It is now believed that thujone primes the response of an immune system element called the gamma-delta T cell when used as a wart removal remedy. According to Dr. Bukowski from the Harvard Medical School, “We know from other studies that these gamma-delta T cells in the blood are the first line of defense against many types of viral infections and bacterial infections and they even have some anti tumor activity.” These studies demonstrate thujone as an effective wart removal remedy compound when used properly.

The T cells prompt the secretion of interferon, a key part of the body’s chemical defense against infection. “If you boost this part of the immune system, it can protect against infection,” according to Bukowski, thus demonstrating its value in wart removal treatments.

Based on recent research similar to Dr. Bukowski’s, it seems that when thujone is used for wart removal, it is stimulating CD4 T-cells. These CD4 T-cells are heavily invested in scavenging viri-infected cells and effective to help fight off HPV and remove warts. Therefore, when seeking a wart removal treatment, application of organic thuja accomplishes what burning and invasive surgery attempt to achieve (stimulus to the antibody recognition of the HPV infection) without causing any tissue damage, discomfort, and general distress.

As thuja works via immune stimulus when used for wart removal, it can reduce or eliminate recurrence of warts and genital warts when used properly under the direction of those certified in the biology of plant medicine. Wart removal without recurrence occurs from a recognizable trait called immune memory. Immune memory enables the body to ward off HPV through future recognition and early response after wart removal is successful.

When using thuja as a wart removal remedy, it is important to adhere to three very important factors as this is real medicine.

The first is consistency. When using thuja as a wart removal treatment for warts or genital warts, one needs to be consistent with the treatment. For wart removal, apply specific dilutions of thuja three times a day for approximately 4 weeks.

The second critical component when using thuja for wart removal is using the correct concentration in your wart removal treatment. It is important to note that if thuja is used improperly in a wart removal remedy, or sold to the public in a formula from individuals who are not certified health practitioners in plant medicine, it can be a harmful substance (damaging the nervous system and kidneys). However, if a wart removal remedy is formulated properly by certified health professionals with thuja as an active compound, and used as directed, it is perfectly safe.

A major problem with wart removal products on the market containing “all natural” plant extracts is that most are extremely poor quality. Many manufactures who claim to have an all natural wart removal product use an inferior quality of plant extracts which are cut with other caustic ingredients to stretch their profits.

This is a significant problem if you use thuja or other plant extracts for a wart removal remedy and medicine. When using such poor ingredients they invariably cause negative health effects and do not yield desired results. We have tested significant amounts of extracts and other products on the market claiming to have an effective wart removal. We find that none of those products tested are of high quality and some have even copied testimonials from Forces of Nature in an attempt to market inferior products. Forces of Nature is very thorough in its approach and treatments for wart removal. This is why our wart removal remedy is doctor recommended, approved for over the counter sales, found at major health food outlets across America, and recommend by health professionals at the American Social Health Association (ASHA).

The wart removal treatments offered at Forces of Nature contain thuja which is organically grown, chemical and pesticide free. This represents the highest quality extract available and has the maximum therapeutic effect against HPV, providing a wart removal remedy which is superior. The wart removal products offered by Forces of Nature are the most effective wart removal treatments available.