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Nose warts

Digitate or nose warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) there are more than 100 types of hpv 30 of which are sexually transmitted diseases (STD)'s. Nose warts are among the common warts, they are usually horny, and finger like and may also have a pea shaped base. These are the nose warts that you see in fairy tales, and children's movies on the witches nose.

As yet a cure for the HPV, or the nose warts is not available therefore a health care provider can remove the nose warts with various treatments, or procedures. The nose warts are not usually painful; the pain that is caused will come in the form of low self-esteem. When the nose warts are picked, or scratched they will become inflamed, and spread.

Nose warts, appear more often on children due to their low immune system, and the fact they are exposed to hpv daily. The human papilloma virus HPV is contagious if the wart is touched, or if a child shares a towel, toys, clothing or other objects with someone that has an outbreak of any HPV, including nose warts.

It is wise to consult a health care provider when a HPV lesion, or nose warts are visible they can start treatment to control an outbreak immediately. Ask the physician about an all-natural product that can be applied at home for nose warts removal it is called Warts No More.

Warts No More is a certified, organic essential oil that is chemical, and pesticide free making it gentle enough for a child's nose warts removal. Not only does warts no more remove the nose warts it also can control any future outbreak.