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As we talked about in the previous article about Molluscum Contagiosum there is little known about it. Is it a disease? A virus? An organism? And if scientists, researchers and doctors do not know so much about it then how do we go about treating this unknown invader? I believe the answer lies in two words and those are: quickly and aggressively.

The fact that MCV, or molluscum, has a root system, can perpetuates itself by increasing the body’s sexual drive to encourage it’s own existence and that it is contagious to the point that a child may catch it by only sleeping on the same surface as someone who may be carrying molluscum contagiosum speaks volumes. According to The New York Post “Scientists say this could be worse than Aids”. This statement refers to both HIV and MCV being very contagious and spreading through a population or group quickly.

It has been established through medical studies that application of organic anti viral extracts in warts No More inhibited skin papillomas, including molluscum contagiosum, and decreased conversion of papillomas to carcinomas.

Many people may acquire it and do not recognize it for what it is or may even ignore the symptoms, infection may lie latent for a time, and the treatment for both should be aggressive, continuous and thorough. Molluscum in the general population can be eradicated but in immuno-compromised individuals molluscum lesions can grow to be quite massive in size. Molluscum Contagiosum is not life threatening as is HIV or AIDS but it does threaten the quality of life especially if left untreated. Having mentioned this let’s take a look at the treatment options available for MCV.

After much study of the literature available about molluscum, one thing is certain - treatment of MCV is difficult. There is no test available to diagnose Molluscum Contagiosum and MCV may lie latent until the condition is activated and shows itself.

So when active symptoms do arise they need to be recognized, diagnosed and dealt with aggressively. Each lesion must be treated individually and be completely destroyed or the molluscum will continue to spread and perpetuate itself. Here are some of the ways that MCV can be treated.

Treatment Options

There are a number of ways to treat molluscum and the treatment is different from physician to physician. Some pediatricians believe if the lesions are left alone they will go away but, thankfully, most pediatricians do not adhere to this myth and begin treatment immediately upon confirming the child has molluscum Pediatricians attempt to treat MCV in the way it will most likely not negatively affect the child and that will cause as little pain as possible but the treatments are the same for both adult and child. Most involve a bit of discomfort depending on the amount of lesions treated. Dermatologists and other physicians provide treatments for MCV for adults.

Treatments for any “sensitive” condition can affect a person’s general well being, self esteem or cause emotional and physical stress and scarring. The object of this article is to make the reader aware of most of their options for physical treatments to improve, destroy and heal molluscum contagiosum. Suggestions are made later to enhance the reader’s physical and emotional healing. This is a very important part of the whole process and will also be covered more fully in a future piece. The very fact that you are here means you are ready to learn about and handle MCV.

Molluscum may be treated by Cryosurgery. This is the use of extreme cold, usually liquid nitrogen, to freeze and destroy unwanted tissue. Besides being used to destroy an MCV lesion, cryosurgery is used for treatment, destruction and removal of warts, (genital and elsewhere), skin cancers or small skin tags. The cold reduces the discomfort and allows for a quick removal of a lesion, however, multiple treatments may be needed to eradicate the entire lesion area making sure it does not return by leaving a part of the root system. The use of liquid nitrogen seems to have a high relapse rate in the HIV community where mulloscum contagiosum is rampant.

Even in those who are not immuno compromised, the areas treated must be carefully watched to treat relapse as soon as it is appears. Any molluscum procedure that may damage otherwise healthy tissue around the lesion may encourage auto-inoculation. Cryosurgery can cause scarring and leaves an open wound, which must be kept clean or it will become susceptible to secondary bacterial infection. (*) The open wound should be covered when it is not genital. When MCV is treated cleanliness is a must, especially genitally. The patient should wear loose clothing to provide air and ventilation to assist in healing. Warm bath soaks will also help all molluscum related wounds and afterwards use clean fresh undergarments. If the patient feels they are not “dry enough” genitally or the area is too sensitive after any type of molluscum treatment to dry with a clean towel, a blow dryer on low heat may be used carefully. To promote general well being take time to relax during healing and maybe even to read something enjoyable to take your mind off the treatment you have received. Nice warm soaks should calm you. Be good to yourself and take this time to heal. We will revisit emotional and physical healing (inside and out) soon.

Cautery is another method to treat molluscum. Cautery is a method used to stop bleeding through the application of heat (either thermal or electric) or a chemical substance, usually silver nitrate. It is sometimes referred to as Electrocautery. Cautery is used to burn and destroy tissue and seal off blood vessels during a procedure. For molluscum a topical anesthetic is used and the doctor treats each site burning and destroying the lesion but along with that can be the burning of surrounding healthy tissue in making sure to destroy the molluscum and it’s root system fully. Scarring is possible and if multiple sites are treated it can be painful after the numbing of the anesthetic has worn off. Refer to the (*) above and adhere to those suggestions thus far to encourage healing.

Electrodessication is the destruction of a lesion by burning it with a needle and extracting the liquid from the center of the lesion. This is similar to cautery in that it uses heat to seal the vessels halting the blood flow while the needle burns and suctions out the waxy white core of the molluscum lesion and the surrounding skin tissue. This can also be quite painful especially on multiple lesions. Again, please refer to (*) under Cryosurgery and adhere to those suggestions thus far to encourage healing.

The powerful beam of a laser can be used to produce intense heat when focused at close range and is used to vaporize damaged tissue. Another method is curettage in which a doctor will scrape of the wall or cavity, removing some of the lesion and the core with the use of a surgical instrument or curet. Again if multiple sites are treated refer to (*) under Cryosurgery and adhere to those suggestions thus far to encourage healing.

Chemical methods such as TCA or Trichloroacetic acid, which is used in skin peels or bichloracetic acid, can be used as topical treatments. Podophyllin, Condylox (from the word “condyloma”), cantharidine (aka: Spanish fly – see Cantharides and Cantharis in the American Heritage Dictionary and various Medical Dictionaries) and Retin A can be applied to the lesions. These chemical methods are used to treat molluscum by “eating away” at the infected tissue. Some of these methods have been used successfully to treat hpv (genital warts, also referred to as condyloma) but chemical methods can also eat away healthy tissue.

Topical creams used for acne that contain 5% benzyl peroxide such as Oxy or Clearasil may help reduce the nodules as well but this is in no way to be replaced by actual treatment by a physician.

Molluscum Contagiosum has been known to be treated with cimetedine (Tagamet), which is usually used to treat ulcers and inhibit histamines. This treatment is not recommended as it can cause impotence and gynomastia (female breasts) in men. Older patients experience confusion. It is not a treatment for children at all. Despite any benefits from this treatment it seems unhealthy, non-effective and one to avoid.

A new, up and coming treatment for molluscum contagiosum is Iontophoresis, which introduces silver ions into the lesion and root system. This is done transdermally by electrical current. The device is called “The Phillips Molluscum Treatment System” and the methodology is unlike any other treatment mentioned here. The system uses an electrical signal to introduce the silver ions directly into the molluscum lesion. Since molluscum is possibly symbiotic (as discussed in the previous article) it can hide from the body’s immune response. The Phillips MT System uses positive charges to cancel the molluscum’s ability to hide and thus alerting the immuno response to fight the molluscum. The positive charge also impedes the ability of the molluscum to reproduce. After the lesion has “died”, negative charges promote healing. The system comes with additional features (soaps, sprays, coral calcium and video) all manufactured with the silver ion technology. The soap with the silver ion technology may be very important because according to molluscum.com where this system is promoted, “molluscum contagiosum can grow on grocery store soap.” I am sure we will be hearing more about this company and it’s methodologies.

Warts and molluscums contagiosums are two viral skin diseases. Molluscum is a poxvirus, while warts are caused by HPV. However, they are very similar in nature and it has been shown that treatments which successfully eliminate warts have also demonstrated success in elimination of molluscum contagiosum.

Contamination of molluscum, like warts, occurs by autoinoculation or during skin to skin contact. Topical application of the organic anti viral extracts in warts no more seems to stimulate the CD4 T-cells. These T cells are responsible for scavenging the virus-infected cells. In doing so, Warts No More accomplishes what surgery attempts to achieve without any of the tissue damage, discomfort, and distress related to current wart and molluscum treatments.

It has been established through medical studies that application of organic anti viral extracts in Warts No More inhibited skin papillomas, including molluscum contagiosum, and decreased conversion of papillomas to carcinomas.

It is believed that the mechanism of action of the anti viral oils involves immune response induction in the skin via the T-Cells, which then triggers the host's immune system to recognize the presence of a viral infection or tumor, ultimately to eradicate the associated lesion.

Above all do not squeeze molluscum such as you would a pimple. This will results in pain in and around the sites. Squeezing the lesion provides a massive advantage for infections and spreading the molluscum. It is one thing for certain that will cause much scarring.

The NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) states “Molluscum contagiosum can not be grown in the laboratory and there is no animal model to study the infection” but finally NIAID has determined the entire genetic sequence of the virus (or organism) they believe to cause molluscum contagiosum. Says Dr. Moss of NIAID “With the complete DNA sequence of molluscum in hand, it will now be possible, for the first time, to test drugs against the various enzymes and other proteins encoded by the MCV genes and to study how the virus protects itself from immune responses.” By knowing this it may eventually provide a way to fight or even prevent MCV.