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Wart Removal Potato

Notwithstanding the fact there are abundant conventional remedies for wart removal treatment, people are still dependent on folklore remedies and one is the wart removal potato. Potato (Solanum tuberosum) is an edible perennial root crop that grows all over the world. You can cook potatoes into variety of dishes and guess what?-- they can also get rid of warts suign potato. Potato is available in hundreds of varieties grown worldwide. Wart removal potato is a popular folklore remedy that can save you money from getting your warts removed.

How the wart removal potato works is simple. You have to cut or open a potato and gently rub the potato on the wart. Usually this process is done before bedtime and once a day for a week or two until the warts are gone. Apparently wart removal potato had been proven to work by our ancestors and then until todayís generation of modern science and medicine, it is still being adapted by many because it really works!

Others use wart removal potato combined with wishful thinking that if you wish your warts are gone while rubbing the potato the warts will be gone. This type of ritual is common to believers of traditional medicine and who canít blame them if it really works. One testimony of a person who did this thirty years ago had no warts since then. Can you imagine that?

When you rub a wart removal potato to the wart, the wart will turn blackish and will eventually fall off the skin. The chemical contents of potato reacts to the skin and the wart virus cant fight it. The virus known as the human papilloma virus is responsible of wart growths on the skin. The virus stays in the cells and will at some point cause re-infection in the future causing warts to appear. Immune system plays the most important role in inhibiting the virus to cause further damage to good skin cells. That is why it is emphasized to take good care of your health and well being. Free yourself of stress and eat foods that will boost your bodyís immune system.

With all the folklore remedies including the wart removal potato, if nothing happened after a month and your wart persists contact your health care provider if possible. Stop self medication and your doctor will recommend other methods. These methods may be painful but if it is the only way to get rid of the warts, then there is nothing to do. If you want your warts to be cured and removed you have to see an expert.
The connection between these belief systems and immune system may have its own mysterious interpretations. Sometime positive mental attitude and belief that you can be healed or cured by the medications that you are using is coincidental. What is important Is to understand how each treatment works in order what to expect in the end.