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Wart Removal Freeze

Wart removal freeze is also known as cryotherapy. Wart removal freeze uses an extremely cold substance called Liquid nitrogen. The process of wart removal freeze is always performed at the doctor’s office. Liquid nitrogen wart removal removes the wart by spraying an extremely cold liquefied gas at a temperature of –321 Fahrenheit that has a thawing effect on the skin. In its gaseous state Nitrogen is part of the air in our environment and the air we breathe thus it is safe and cause no harm. When Liquid nitrogen wart removal is applied to the wart it to freezes and destroys the unwanted skin growths such as warts and other skin infections.

Wart removal freeze therapy is sprays the liquefied nitrogen gas three times every 1 to 3 weeks to a total of 2 to 4 times applications until the wart are totally gone. If within this span of time your wart did not improve you can discuss other options with your doctor. Applying liquid nitrogen wart removal may cause a little discomfort. If the wart is deep you need to apply the Liquid nitrogen wart removal deeper into the skin and could cause skin blisters and swelling. Then after that a crusty skin will be formed and will fall off on its own in 2-4 weeks. A new skin growth will appear and the scar is less visible.

As compared to the invasive treatments wart removal freeze removal treatment often leave scars but are lesser in degree. Children who have plantar warts often do not like the painful and invasive treatments such as Liquid nitrogen wart removal, surgery, electro cautery and applying chemical acids to the warts. Being subjected to this painful wart removal treatment is something that they want to avoid. Pain is part of the expected side effects of wart removal freeze and it should be known

The cost for wart removal freeze using Liquid nitrogen wart removal treatment is charged according to the severity infection, size of warts and the location. However the fees are lesser if you have medical insurance that would be free. Wart removal freeze using liquid nitrogen is what most dermatologists often used to cure warts but it turned out that only 50 percent of warts are cured after one treatment. Persistent warts needed to be subjected to frequent applications. Others believe that the use of duct tape is even more effective that cryotherapy or Liquid nitrogen wart removal, however it all depends.

The healing period after the wart removals freeze varies according to the person’s response to the treatment. After the wart removal freeze make sure to clean the area and make it dry. Covering the warts will reduce the chances of spreading the virus to other parts of the body or to other people. Sometimes not every Liquid nitrogen wart removal treatment is effective. If the wart removal freeze treatment fails and the unsightly wart growths are not improving you may require other methods and the next option could be surgery.