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Wart Removal During Pregnancy

Wart removal during pregnancy can be challenging for any doctor or dermatologists. Due to the mother and the baby’s conditions there is no specific wart removal during pregnancy that is effective to cure the warts in the woman’s body. Depending on the site of infection any wart removal during pregnancy should be taken cared of using an extra caution to ensure safety for the mother and her baby in the womb. If genital wart removal pregnancy is impossible the mothe should give birth by caesarian section.

If the pregnant mother has common warts in the hand, face or outside wart removal during pregnancy may not be as complicated and can be removed using duct tape as the warts on t he genital area. If the wart is in the genital area the safest wart removal during pregnancy are cryotherapy and surgery. During pregnancy the woman’s immune system can become weak and warts can grow quickly and may become severe. A woman who had previous history of HPV has increased chances of recurrence. It is believed that HPV recurrence is greatly influenced by high levels of progesterone during pregnancy.

Wart removal during pregnancy is important as the warts in the genital area can bleed during normal delivery and childbirth in which case can transmit the virus to the newborn. However ordinary warts are not risks during pregnancy but persistent warts are and thus wart removal during pregnancy is needed. If during delivery that the warts turn severe it may be necessary to have a caesarean section. Caesarian section is necessary to avoid serious condition leading to the development of warts in the throat for the baby. However this rarely happens but it is best to be entirely precautious about it.

The mother should avoid having sexual contact with an infected partner. Human Papilloma virus causes all types of warts and that are spread by sexual contact. Genital warts that are found in the vulva is a risk as it may develop in multiple warts or clusters of cauliflower like shape. Aside from being harmful during pregnancy it is unsightly and annoying. Wart removal during pregnancy is a solution to this problem.

Women with genital warts during pregnancy should not use 5 -fluorouracil cream, podofilox and podophyllin because the chemical contents if these ointments are absorbed by the skin and may cause birth defects to the newborn baby. The pregnant mother should not use over-the-counter medication to remove warts. She should see her obstetrician to consult her condition. There are several ways of wart removal during pregnancy that is proven safe for the mother and the baby in particular.

The mother with history of HPV before pregnancy should tell her doctor about it during regular visits to closely monitor her condition. Even if for a long time the warts may be absent but that does not mean she will not have it again. As mentioned that chances of recurrence is high for pregnant women that is why it is important to seek medical help for guidance. Prevention is also encouraged using condoms in order not to spread to your sexual partner.