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Wart Removal Dry Ice

The effectiveness of cryotherapy to remove warts had been proven as one of the less painful methods of treating warts. The most common source of removal is the liquid nitrogen however removal dry ice produces the same effect as the liquid nitrogen. Wart removal dry ice is a substitute for liquid nitrogen used in the process of cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is a process of freezing the wart is often the preferred by most people because it is less painful and less scarring than the other methods. Cryotherapy or freezing can be accomplished in weeks and this is not a quick fix.

Dry ice is a solidified Carbon Dioxide (in blocks) with a temperature of 110 degrees Fahrenheit or-78.5 Celsius below zero. If it absorbs heat it changes from solid to gaseous state. Most people prefer to use dry ice to preserve their food when traveling or going into camping as it does not melt like normal ice does. More caution is needed and avoid holding the wart removal dry ice because it can burn your skin at some degree during contact.

If you are planning to use wart removal dry ice method, just by dry ice to burn the wart off yourself. You can buy wart removal dry ice from your local ice store and it is cost effective to remove warts. Using wart removal dry ice is not very painful and some believed that the results are quicker and they did not wait two weeks to get rid of warts. As compared to other methods you may need to have several treatments before the wart is completely removed.

In the normal process of cryosurgery or freezing warts with liquid nitrogen, it is applied at a temperature of 196 degrees Celsius below zero thereby causing the surrounding skin and the warts to blister. Once blistering happens the wart will then crust and falls off which is within two weeks of the cryotherapy treatment.

Liquid nitrogen freezing is a technique that had been proven by doctors for years and others found this effective and for those who canít tolerate too much pain as the surgical methods, this is the preferred method. However if you donít have liquid nitrogen, you can use wart removal dry ice to be applied to the wart instead and the wart is immediately frozen of burned off.

Freezing the wart using wart removal dry ice can be done at home as it is easy and convenient. This is done once a week until the warts is healed. The use of wart removal dry ice had been around since and it made people happy because scarring is minimal. Wart removal dry ice technique poses a challenge for persistent warts but there are other options that you can try. Regardless of what methods are used it is important to understand that HPV (human papilloma virus) stays with the person for life. Prevention is always better than cure and it is encouraged that people should avoid direct or sexual contact with an infected person.