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Skin Tags On The Shaft Of A Penis

Some men who are sexually active are having skin tags on the shaft of a penis. A noticeable flesh colored or more deeply pigmented skin and either simply be raised above the surrounding skin or an appearance of stalk or peduncle which will appear close to the head of their penis. You will know by your own judgment that it is skin tags on the shaft of a penis for the following criteria.

First even without seeing your medical practitioner, you may look at the pictures of skin tags on the shaft of a penis if they have resemblance. Next, if you have skin tags showing all around your body, then your penis is prone to skin tags on the shaft of a penis. One good relief in this issue is that, the skin tags at the shaft of the penis that are usually seen are usually affecting the groin folds only, not the penis itself. It is just the outer skin of the penis.

One thing more, for the fear of having sexually transmitted disease with the appearance of skin tags at the shaft of the penis is a fearless thought. There are no correlations about that. Because the skins are not contagious and they are harmless excess of the skin. The only thing to bother you if you are having an unprotected sex is the hygiene after sex. Most of the fluids should be cleaned up after sex so as to prevent viruses and bacteria to stay and play around. In case you have skin tags at the shaft of the penis it is probable that you will keep those organisms if not properly cleaned after the sex.

But still no matter how safe you indulge yourself in sex does not prevent the spread of HPV. If you have sex with a partner who has HPV or was exposed to it, you might get it too, someday. There is no certain guarantee of not contracting HPV other than not having sex. And that doesn't mean that if you have these skin disorders like skin tags at the shaft of the penis would say you have you HPV now.

There are theories that if men are circumcised at birth, they may have numerous small scars and skin tags at the shaft of the penis. Although they are extremely small and barely noticeable, some men find them quite painful and sometimes sore after sex. Another thing that will really bother you with the presence of skin tags on the shaft of a penis is that most of the time the skin tags are getting big. And what are the complications if it is growing big is the possibility for the risk of infection. That is why in some European countries there is campaign to stop circumcision.

Skin tags are common after any form of surgery especially when performed so young. There is no real increase of risk from infection but they can sometimes be confused with penile warts. These are implicated in cancer of the cervix so it is important to tell the difference and have them removed. True skin tags can be removed by minor surgery and you do not need a general anesthetic.