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Planter Wart Removal Dry Ice

Planter wart removal dry ice often called cryotherapy or freezing is often the preferred method to treat plantar warts as it is not too painful and rarely leaves a mark or results in scarring. However treatment needs to be repeated every one to three week intervals until the warts are totally gone. According to some people who tried using planter wart removal dry ice this treatment is a very effective one for those who have low tolerance in pain.

Planter wart removal dry ice is done using a solidified Carbon Dioxide which works the same way with liquid Nitrogen. A cotton is soaked in the liquid is applied with a cotton swab for 1 to 2 minutes and put on top of the wart. The dry ice is commonly used to treat common warts and planter warts. Usually you can feel the effects in typically two weeks. The planter warts will fall off and new skin growths will take place. Others believe this is the cost effective approach to wart removal because once you mastered how to do it at home you donít need to spend a lot of money in surgery and laser therapy to remove your warts.

You can expect that planter wart removal dry ice will take effect in two weeks and do not expect an instant fix right away. People should understand how the process works and it take lots of patience sometimes. If you compare this to chemical acid application, the process is the same yet thereís no skin irritation using acids. However, the planter wart removal dry ice could slow down the virus from replicating within the 2 week time that you are treating the skin affected with planter warts.

Depending on the severity, size and location of your planter warts sometimes it may take longer than usual. Large and cluster of warts on the bottom of the feet may be a challenge and could take up to more than 2 weeks or several treatments. Sometimes before applying planter wart removal dry ice others soak their warts in liquid for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks when your wart will turn white and feathery then planter wart removal dry ice can be applied to remove the white skin layer covering the wart.

Others feel that planter wart removal dry ice is painless yet uncomfortable because of the numbing effects of freezing and feels like an ice cube is stuck under your skin. After the numbing effects then the burning effects of planter wart removal dry ice is felt. Recovery from planter wart removal dry ice is usually doesn't take long enough and people can return to their usual activities while healing. However, not all people will feel the same, and if you notice any prolonged pain or discomfort, you have to see your doctor or dermatologist about it.