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How do you kill HPV?

If your immune system is able to kill hpv your wart will go away forever. However this is not the case as nothing can kill hpv. It is important to understand how hpv destroys the cells during infection. No treatments cannot kill hpv treatment are recommended when there are visible warts and mainly focused on removing the infected cells in the skin in a form of a wart. It is also effective in removing pre-cancerous cellular abnormalities as seen in the Pap Test. After physical removal of warts and the infection goes away it will not kill hpv and the virus will not go away.

Sometimes you donít need to worry how to kill hpv when the warts are not showing up. There are people who do not have visible wart symptoms and due to its silent nature the virus can spread without knowing it. The hpv presence is enough to transmit the virus even without visible warts. This condition is a risk and especially in men where there is no method of hpv testing. Unlike women where there is Pap test, results can show hpv because of abnormal Pap test. You have to remember that most warts will eventually go away eventually on their own even if not treated. There is no treatment that will work in all cases of hpv infection. If one treatment doesn't completely clear the warts, you can try other methods or a combination of both.

The treatments can be painless and can be painful. If you want painless treatment you can try the topical creams and ointments applied on top of the warts. Painful treatments are usually invasive and these include cryotherapy or freezing with liquid nitrogen, burning, laser therapy and surgery. These ranges of therapies that used to treat warts do not kill hpv virus itself. It may require more than one treatment to remove the warts and yet the hpv remains and dwells in the cells. During remission the virus lays dormant and inactive for sometime.

If for some reason the virus becomes active again new warts may continue to appear. The body's immune system may suppress the virus for sometime but hereís no guarantee that forever the virus will go away. Unfortunately, there is no method of treatment that will kill HPV. Neither no antibiotics nor other drugs had existed that will kill hpv. Treatment focuses on healing, destroying or removing of warts that are the abnormal tissues, removal of pre-cancerous cellular abnormalities but will still keep the HPV to persist and live in the surrounding areas.

Considering that you cannot kill hpv, you donít have to worry about killing hpv if you have proper prevention. The best way is practicing safe sex or even abstinence to avoid putting yourself to risk and becoming infected with HPV. Limit sexual contact to one and maintain a healthy sexual relationship to a monogamous uninfected partner. Use condoms correctly if you are not sure if your partner had previous history of hpv.