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How Do You Kill a Planters Wart?

Planters warts are not to be fooled around with! To avoid spreading the virus, you must ask yourself, if you find one and it is diagnosed by your doctor, how do you kill a planters wart? After you ask the question, figure out how to do itófast!

Otherwise known as plantar wart, the planters wart is a foe the foot could do without. There are endless remedies to try. You can try topical cream, cryotherapy, laser treatment, excision, electrotherapy, or even the countless home remedies available to you.

Topical creams, Dr Schollís wart removal system for feet, and oils (Dermisil) are considered to be non-invasive treatments. Usually, topical treatments use salicylic acid along with lactic acid. These compounds are gentle and can take up to three months to work. Something like Dermisil is soaked up into the skin and into the blood stream as soon as it is put on.

A treatment like cryotherapy can seem daunting. In cryotherapy, a planters wart is frozen off with a frosty substance like liquid nitrogen. The pain from cryotherapy can last up to three days and it is not any more successful than salicylic acid. Also, it may require several treatments. After cryotherapy, a blister will develop and in a few days, it will dry up. The wart should fall off with the dried up blister.

The problem with cryotherapy is, as mentioned, its success rate. Because it may not infiltrate far enough into the skin to kill the wart virus, the substance used may not work. Since salicylic acid enters the blood stream, oils and creams may actually be more powerful than cryotherapy.

A podiatrist uses laser treatment to cut off the planters wart. Local anaesthesia is used and little scarring occurs. Almost as soon as you have received laser treatment, you can return to your normal routine. It is much more successful than cryotherapy, requiring only one treatment (although some people need two) and it is virtually painless. How do you kill a planters wart without spending a lot of money? Skip the laser treatment.

Laser treatment is much like excision, which is surgical removal of the wart. Excision is not the optimum choice, because it causes scarring that can be rather painful. It is not usually the method used for one wart but for multiple warts that have collected in a small area.

Electrotherapy involves the use of electric current and it burns off the wart.
Home remedies are quite popular, possibly because they comfort the minds of those afflicted with a bothersome problem. The old and well-known is the trusted, after all. Also, it can be quite helpful in treating a virus to live a good lifestyle, concentrating on what will keep you happy and healthy. If what makes you happy is knowing that you are actively combating a problem, home remedies are worth a try. How do you kill a planters wart? Seek out all possibilities and find the one that works for you.

Onions are considered to be skin irritants. They may get a planters wart to disappear after it is rubbed with cut onions, because by irritating the skin they enhance circulation. The same is said for raw potatoes. Rubbing a cut spud on the wart several times a day for two weeks is irritating to the skin and good for the circulation too. Oil from the shell of a cashew nut can have the same effect as it also irritates the skin when applied.

Home remedies suggest applying liberal amounts of castor oil every night for several months, but two weeks is all it takes to apply the fresh and barely ripened fruit of figs a number of times a day on a planters wart.

Dandelion milk can be applied two or three times a day for an effect. How do you kill a planters wart with another substance grown by Mother Nature? One herbal home remedy suggests putting the powder from the bulb of Indian Squill, also called Sea Onion, on the wart.

Vitamin E can be applied on a planters wart and to help it along, the crushed cloves of raw garlic can be placed on the wart and covered with a bandage for treatment as well.

Marigolds can be quite useful in treating planters warts. Using the sap of the leaves of marigold on planters warts is recommended in home remedies and the juice from the stem can be helpful as well. Otherwise, milkweed leaves or stems supply sap that can be put on planters warts once every day. How do you kill a planters wart? Try fruit. An all-fruit diet for five days can help. Otherwise, use juices of papaya or use pineapple juice paired with chalk powder mixed in water on your wart.

One home remedy that many may have heard of is the Grey Duct Tape Method. First, you should shave the wart down to make it flat. Then, you cover up the wart with grey duct tape. Just leave it like that for ten days. If the tape falls off, put another piece in its place. On the tenth day, youíll want to take the tape off and soak your foot in balmy water. While youíre doing that, scrub the planters wart with a pumice rock, removing any dead skin that might be there. Put duct tape back on the wart when youíre through and repeat the process until your wart is gone.

Lastly, aloe will relieve any discomfort you might be feeling and it will make the healing process go faster.