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HPV essential oils

Life began on the planet approximately three to four billion years ago with single-celled organisms. These simple cells were perfectly designed to manufacture molecules, including terpenes which are the main constituents found in essential oils today.

Biocompatibility, tolerability, and anti viral effectiveness of the natural chemical compounds that comprise organic therapeutic oils is a result of hundreds of millions of years of organic biochemical trial and error we call evolution. Organic essential oil components are produced in the cell following a biosynthetic pathway, which existed organically, in the first life forms on the planet.

As a result, the biosynthetic blueprint which is manifested in the human body with terpenes, which are the same constituents as therapeutic oils, existed long before humans existed. This is an organic chemical pathway dating back to the very inception of life itself on the planet.

Humans have thus developed on an organic (pesticide and chemical free) cellular basis from the very same chemical constituents as plants. This is the very reason we can conclude that these certified organic plant chemicals are part and parcel of our own chemical makeup.

Organic therapeutic essential oil compounds are among the molecules of life itself. They are produced by living organisms and remain present in living organisms as secondary levels of metabolism for plants acting in the interest of the plants survival. This is why they are often highly anti viral and anti bacterial.

Plants actually manufacture these secondary metabolic plant extracts to repel herbivores as well as bacterial and viral pathogens. Species came and went throughout the billions of years of organic evolutionary development. Amazingly, these plant species survived. Therefore, the cellular principles of chemical manufacturing of the plants continued.

A study on the broad antiviral effects of organic therapeutic essential oils and essential oils components was presented at the First Scientific Conference on the Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils, California, 1995. In this study, in-vitro tests provided quantitative proof of the antiviral effectiveness of different pure organic therapeutic essential oils with consideration given to their cell toxic effects on human cells.

Further medical findings indicate that the organic essential oils inhibit hpv which is related to approximately 90% of all cervical dysplasia cases, and that this action is partly the result of the antioxidant protective activity induced by the essential oils.

Plants are not as helpless against disease as they may seem. Out of necessity, they developed their own protection because they are immobile. In their constant struggle to survive exposed to all elements, plants guard against bacterial and viral pathogens. Plants can create their own extracts for protection. Plants have become specialists in chemical warfare producing secondary metabolisms.

Humans have known about these organic chemicals in plants for a long time, some being utilized for centuries: nicotine, caffeine….etc. Apple pits protect themselves with highly toxic hydrocyanic acid. This toxin is manufactured by more than 800 plant species. Helping to ensure the survivability of plants as this prohibits excessive feeding of seeds by animals.

Therapeutic organic oils therefore help the plant defend against micro-organisms and viral pathogens. Therapeutic essential oils do not exist in plants as free moving substances, but are stored in microscopic cellular containers. The steam generated in the distillation process frees the therapeutic oils and binds with some substances while splitting others, thus creating new compounds.

The well known physical nature of essential oils – the low molecular weight combined with their lipophilic tendencies – allows them to penetrate human tissue more quickly than any known substance. Thus making it absolutely critical that only certified organic therapeutic grade oils be used. We must not take the chance of exposing the patient to any chemicals or toxic residue from non organic substances.

Essential oils are comprised of the same building block as humans: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, derived from millions of years of organic evolutionary development. This is perhaps another reason we know quantitatively that essential oils have the unique ability to penetrate the cell membrane and influence cellular metabolism and eliminate HPV.

It has been known for some time that certain essential oils exert a powerful anti-viral effect and are useful to treat warts and HPV. These results have led to the development of our hpv wart treatment s. These wart treatments are very distinct and proven highly effective to safely eliminate body warts or genital warts caused by HPV.

Impressive and noteworthy scientific studies confirm the antiviral effects of certified organic therapeutic essential oils. Dr. Lembke, presented at the first International Congress for Phytotherapy in 1987, demonstrated the effectiveness of three organic therapeutic essential oils against viruses.

It was concluded that these organic therapeutic essential oils displayed significant and quantitative effectiveness against viruses.

Knowledge of the wide spectrum of organic therapeutic essential oils against viruses runs hand in hand with observations noting that the behavior of these oils is not necessarily just a result of their unique chemical compositions, but stems from their remarkable ability to penetrate cell membranes and their lipophilic character.