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Genital wart removal and recovery time

Genital wart removal and recovery time varies depending on the severity of warts and the type of method that is used. For small warts it would require less recovery time than persistent and larger warts. Genital warts are located in the vagina, vulva, and inside the cervix. The genital warts that are located externally recover faster than the oneís inside the cervical canal. The location of the genital wart should be considered so that you know what to expect for genital wart removal and recovery time.

Genital warts that are removed during the early stage of outbreak is easier to remove and genital wart removal recovery time is quicker. Sometimes persistent warts tend to grow new warts while the older ones are still being treated. The patient needs to have frequent visits to the doctorís office to follow-up on the procedure. Regardless of what method is used it is important to understand that genital wart removal recovery time is not as fast as you think. Sometimes it may take more than 2 weeks to months for the warts to heal and get cured.

Surgical genital wart removal and recovery time especially if the patient is diabetic or has compromised immune systems. After the surgical treatment wound will be painful and bleeding may continue. The pain will be severe and you need to check with your doctor if you feel unusual yellowish discharge. Due to the nature of the other illness in the body a person may respond differently for each treatment. There is no particular treatment that is perfect for all people and because hpv is incurable the risk goes on.

Also in some other treatments like laser therapy genital wart removal and recovery time depends on the location and number of warts that are being eradicated. Sometimes in a matter of 1 year, wart can recur to most people. After the laser treatment you have to expect some painful wound, bleeding, fever and pain. Check with your doctor is you see unusual yellowish discharge, as they are signs of secondary infection and you may need an antibiotic to treat the problem.

Laser treatment is more accurate and causes fewer wounds because the beam of light is focused only on the wart without the fear of damaging a wider part of the skin. It is considered as the most effective however it is the most expensive among all types of wart treatments. In genital warts removal genital wart removal and recovery time are lesser compared to other methods. Lasers are performed usually on an outpatient basis and after the patientís condition is normalized he can go home. The patient may encounter pain after the local anesthesiaís effects are gone and this is normal.

Your doctor can prescribe analgesic and painkillers. Although it varies per patient the doctor can explain to the patient the expected or estimated genital warts removal and recovery time. It is important for the patient to understand the entire process prior to the treatment. But one thing is sure; genital wart removal recovery time using laser treatment is faster than for traditional surgery methods.