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Flat warts pictures

If you look at the flat warts pictures on the web you can see a person with Flat warts in the face, lips, hands, and fingers. Human papilloma virus of types 3 and 10 causes flat warts. Flat warts that are shown on the flat warts pictures are not so raised but they appear as pinkish skin or brown colored papules with a flat surface. The flat warts size range between 2 to 4 mm and they can appear in multiple clusters most of the time.

When flat warts infection started on the skin they may look similar to herpes growths that have not erupted yet. Flat warts pictures as seen on the web can be confusing to diagnose if you lay it side by side with the oral HSV. That is why it is important to get diagnosed when similar occurrence appear in your skin. Flat warts and common warts are most frequently seen in children and generally even without treatment these warts can go away.

Flat warts are often found on childrenís faces should be consulted to the dermatologist. The flat warts pictures of children and adults having this disease can turn into more serious skin problems if you do the treatment yourself. The skin on the face is one of the most sensitive skins in the body and if treatment is not properly resulting to a secondary infection that could result to skin scarring.

People with warts as seen in the flat warts pictures should understand that the black dots in the center of the wart are the tip of the blood vessels that supplies food for the warts. If you apply any wart removal black dots will bleed and if the wart is being touched it can spread to the other parts of the body or to other people. If you apply wart removal black skin will appear and the wart will begin to fall off the skin.

The warts shown on the flat warts pictures can be removed in different ways. Warts on the on the fingers, face and lips are removed using cryotherapy, acid chemical application, duct tape, and many other alternative remedies. Don't try any home remedies or over-the-counter drugs to treat genital warts as the skin is more sensitive and the chemicals could cause damage. Other treatments for flat warts on the skin include burning the wart (electro cautery), cutting out the wart and removing the wart with a laser. These treatments are invasive and may leave a scar. Ask your doctor about the risks and benefits of these treatments before you make decisions as to the type of treatment you wanted to have.

If you want to avoid what you see on the flat warts pictures you have to practice hygiene and avoid touching or picking up your warts. The transmission is higher if the flat warts bleed. If it canít be avoided make sure to wash your hands first.