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Can You Use Compound W for Skin Tags?

Can you use compound w for skin tags? This is a question that is answerable by no. There is a saying that goes this way, Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, to human beings of whom they know for the first time. This saying is the impression of those people who has gone through many medications of many specialists but not getting healed and even an impression of those people in remote areas of the world.

The question can you use compound w for skin tags, is just like the many questions on health forum which is a solicitation of experience and ideas if the compound w can be used for skin tags or not. Most of those people who will give answers did tried it in trial and error with the so called compound w. As the medical company who is promoting this has said that compound w is beneficial to the removal of warts but never to skin tags, moles and birthmarks. However, for other people who tried it said it is good for skin tags and for some is not the best solution to skin tags problem.

Can you use compound w for skin tags? The compound w is composed of active ingredients called Salicylic Acid and Glacial Acetic Acid. These chemicals are well known and are best for skin diseases which are a collodion base like the removal of all common warts, whether on hands, soles of feet or other parts of the body. As we all know the common wart is easily recognized by a rough cauliflower-like appearance of the top. The rough skin needs these chemicals but for skin tags, which are, just part of the soft skin may be irritated or burned when treated with compound w. So that in the question. Can you use compound w for skin tags are answered by no.

Can you use compound w for skin tags? Do not use compound w on skin tags, moles, birthmarks or unusual warts with hair growing from them. Because these skin disorders are topical and they are just part of the skin covering. Much more if you are a diabetic or have impaired circulation, never try to use compound w as it may cause serious complications.

Can you use compound w for skin tags? Never, try using the compound w on skin tags because it will burn the fine skin specially the surrounding skin of the skin tags. The direction in applying compound w to warts, which it was meant for was, the compound w should not be used near fire or flames. That is how dangerous the compound w is. You have to use glass roll attached to caps to apply so as to avoid contact with the surrounding skin.

Can you use compound w for skin tags? No, because the side effects and special precautions say it is intended for warts only. It cannot be used near the eyes. The ingestion of this product will cause severe pain in the mouth, throat and abdomen with the formation of white plaque and ulcers. Can cause severe pain if in contact with surrounding skin.