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Anal Skin Tags

Often times anal skin tags can be mistaken for hemorroids and other anorectal problems. Anal skin tags are extra skin flap in the anus caused by previous injury that could leave behind some skin flaps that are harmless and most of the time they are asymptomatic in nature. These skin growths are not a threat as compared to anal HVP and HSV however they can become irritated and there is a tendency that they could swell when constant friction and rubbing is applied to the skin. If you have a slightest doubt if the skin growth in your anus is a serious problem, you should contact your health care provider for diagnostics and possible treatment.

The flesh lump found on the verge of your called anal skin tag is a lump that is made up of skin only and there is nothing serious that could make you panic and worry. Anal skin tags can only becomes a threat if they are irritate and swell on the external part of your anus that is painful and uncomfortable to sit or have a normal bowel movement. Treatment of anal skin tags is important when these symptoms occur. Swelling anal skin tags that are left untreated could cause some other anorectal problems.

The anal skin tags are similar to other skin tags found in the neck, armpits or underarms, chest, groins, eyelids and even in the genital area. If you havenít seen any anal skin tag and you are not sure about it, contact your doctor for visual inspection. The soft skin protrusion is usually flesh colored or some could be darker than the skin area. The soft skin hanging on the opening of the anus is joined by a stalk or stem that supplies the blood from the skin. Cutting off this stem will kill the anal skin tags and this is a usual treatment that is performed at the doctorís office.

Other anal skin tags involved freezing the skin tags with liquid nitrogen or other extreme liquefied gas, surgical and laser treatment, electro cauterization and suture or tying the skin tags stem to suppress the blood flow. It is expected that after the skin tags removal the patient could feel pain and discomfort for days and the anal skin tags will be gone for good. However new skin tags might come back ad grow again replacing the oneís removed and this is unpredictable.

It is also advised that after the skin tags removal the anal region should be kept clean most of the time. Small bits and pieces of fecal debris need to be cleaned as it could cause some bacterial infection. If there is itching and irritation in the anal region, see your health care provider to make sure that you get the right treatment needed. The previous anal problem or previous inflammatory lesion in the anal area could contribute to the skin tags to develop but most of the time it just sits there.

People who are so annoyed with anal skin tags can get the best treatment they want at a reasonable cost. Laser removal for anal skin tags will repair and correct any unsightly look in the skin to make it cosmetically good looking. All of these types of anal skin tags removal are usually performed at the doctorís office and it may require frequent trips if needed.