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Anal Skin Tags

The anal skin tabs or anal skin tags are the same as the skin tags that grows in our armpit, neck, groins, eyelids. The anal skin tags or tabs are shapeless lumps and flaps of skin or flesh found at the anal border. If you have anorectal problems then the anal skin tags are extremely common condition where they are both frequently associated with.

What are anorectal problems that may cause anal skin tags? It is an acute swelling of an external hemorrhoid that is left untreated. This anal skin tags are usually the result of a prior anorectal insult or injury, which has frequently left behind a skin tab, also referred to as a hemorrhoidal tab. The anal skin tab's blood supply from the hemorrhoidal artery above may then give rise to the development of an even larger hemorrhoid. That swollen skin edges as a result of prior rectal surgery may also develop into anal skin tabs.

The anal skin tags are also called the sentinel tag or a guard tag. Looking at the pictures of anal skin tags, this is situated at the lower border of an infection or injury, as if it is watching or guarding over. A sentry or sentinel is one that keeps guard - thus the name. Anal fissures and fistula are often associated with secondary changes, which may include a sentinel tag. The proximal end of a fissure or fistula may contain granulation tissue that extrudes, beginning the formation of a sentinel tag or the anal skin tags.

The anal skin tag is often first noticed by the patient, as a painless soft protrusion beginning near the opening of the anus. Usually the anal skin tag is painful because it always rubbed and when seated upon is irritating. If the patient as causing pain perceives a skin tag, frequently the physician will find an associated rectal condition, which is the actual cause of the pain.

There is always problem when you will have an anal skin tags like the issue of cleanliness. The fecal debris may become trapped under the anal skin tag upon wiping in one direction. If there is more than one tab, then there is more problem. This will then lead to itching and infection that often develops to make a bad situation worse. The anal skin tabs may indicate the presence of a more serious rectal ailment that needs careful attention.

The anal skin tags are generally asymptotic and often are the remnants of previous inflammatory lesion in the anal area. When tags are symptomatic, as a result of itching, pain, anxiety or hygienic problems, they can be removed, and/or biopsied to confirm their etiology. If anal skin tags are small, local anesthetic is injected, and then the area is excised. Laser has been used successfully to wipe out the anal skin tabs and resurface the anal area to achieve a good cosmetic result. If extensive, anal skin tags surgery may need to be undertaken in the operating room.