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Alternative Medicine Wart Removal

Being a non-conventional approach to wart treatment the alternative medicine wart removal has gained its momentum to compete with orthodox medicine. The alternative medicine wart removal can be defined in many ways. It can use Chinese medicine, holistic, naturopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic, allopathic, variety of other type to address the warts issues that cannot be resolved by conventional treatment. Being a non-drug, non-toxic on its own the various alternative medicine wart removals are considered to be the medicine of the future.

Each of the various forms of alternative medicine wart removal have their own guided principles and each of them is unique in its approach to treating various types of diseases including viral HPV. The plantar warts is caused by human papilloma virus that are common in dirty places where some people can walk barefoot without being conscious of what’s they are stepping. On the other hand common warts are simple warts that grow in the hands and fingers and can be transmitted when touched. Genital warts are sexually transmitted disease that needs special care. Generally all of these types of warts contagious and if left untreated the risk of transmission become higher.

Most of the available conventional treatment can heal and remove the wart growths in the skin. The warts maybe gone but the virus stays in the cells and remain in dormancy for some period of time until it is infected again. Because viruses cause warts the body’s immune system defenses should be kept to its maximum to be effective in preventing the warts from coming back. After any treatment it is advised to take natural supplements rich in Vitamins A, C, and E to help strengthen the immune system. Balancing your lifestyle, stress avoidance and practicing safe sex should be maintained.

The alternative medicine wart removal emphasizes food as medicine, and the food that we lay on our table or the ingredients that we see in our kitchen have special healing properties that are natural in treating warts. For the treatment of common or plantar warts you can place crushed or sliced garlic clove over the wart one week and before bedtime and you will se the warts will begin to fall off the skin. Applying drops of herbal extract Thuja (tincture) into the wart everyday for 2 weeks will make the warts disappear. Banana peel applied to the wart and covered with tape overnight for 2 weeks will cure the warts.