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Shingles Face

Shingles face caused by varicella-zoster virus is not normally a serious condition but if the virus affects the eye area, it becomes serious and needs immediate medical attention. If rashes develop in the eye area, seek treatment for shingles face as soon as you noticed the symptoms Prompt prevention can shorten the growth of infection and possibly reduce other chances of complications. If left untreated, shingles face could lead to an infection of your cornea, (iritis or uveitis) internal eye inflammation and affect the optic nerve or the retina which can causes temporary or permanent blindness. If you have history of chickenpox, the virus goes to sleep in the facial nerve center that is a small formation just under the brain. If you have weak immune system, caused by health or age, the sleeping virus could be awakened and travels back down the nerve and causes potentially breakout or rashes involving the skin and eye on one side of the head. When shingles face erupts, this is usually accompanied with fever and chills and caused unbearable over the forehead and the top of the head. Older people get this illness for as longer as six months and due to the severity of the pain caused by shingles face, a mere touching of hair and wearing a hat is unbearable.

Findings show that shingles face can cause inflammation of the white of the eye, involves corneal infection, iritis; or inflammation of the colored part inside the eye, glaucoma’s abnormally high pressure, and in rare cases the causes inflammation of retina or nerve tissues at the back of the eye. Shingles face can cause acute and chronic pain that lasts longer than six months leading to postherpetic neuralgia (PHN). Shingles face causes PHN on older people and those with low immune systems.

There are other serious effects of shingles face including partial facial paralysis that are usually temporary, ear damage, or encephalitis or inflammation of the brain. People having shingles on the upper half of the face should seek medical attention immediately as the virus may cause serious damage to the eyes. Most people who have chickenpox or shingles have only one session of the disease in their lifetime, however, individuals with impaired immune systems, such as people suffering from AIDS, cancer, depression, or under organ transplant may suffer recurrences.

If shingles appears on the face, it can lead to complications in hearing and vision. For instance, if shingles affects the eye, the cornea can become infected and lead to temporary or permanent blindness. Another complication of the virus is postherpetic neuralgia (PHN), a condition where the pain from shingles persists for months, sometimes years, after the shingles rash has been healed.

To prevent and treat shingles face, routine chickenpox vaccination of adults is recommended. This is very effective in reducing the risk of varicella-zoster virus in people over 50 years of age. Treatment of face shingles also involves taking oral antiviral, low-dose tricyclic antidepressants, antibiotics, steroids, topical ointments and homeopathic remedies. Inflammation in the eye area is treated with antibiotics, steroids, and anti-glaucoma drops or ointments as prescribed by the doctor. Long-term unbearable pain can be treated with high doses of acetaminophen or painkillers such as codeine.