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Molluscum Treatment Canada

The treatment of molluscum contagiusum in the United States is no difference than the molluscum treatment Canada. This known viral disease gets the same treatment regardless of the geographical location however they many be some treatments that are banned by the US and not in Canada. Take for instance the use of Cantharidin preparations. This chemical compound is known to be poisonous and banned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. However it can be fatal at a 10 mg dosage. They are available in various formulation and mixture to be effective and safe for usage in the treatment of skin problems such as warts, tattoos and the molluscum contagiusum.

The Cantharidin molluscum treatment Canada is carefully mixed by clinicians and not banned in Canada. To be used in a variety of topical preparations. The lesions and lumps on the skin can be treated fairly by Cantharidin. Catharidin is known as “bettle juice”, a type of Spanish fly but is known to be poisonous. This is also a famous world aphrodisiac substance and mixed with other solutions to make it work. There are known bad impressions about Cantharidin and still people use them using the right mixture and proportions. There are concerns of toxic shock syndrome (TSS) within 24 hours of using Cantharidin topical preparation for cosmetic treatment of molluscum contagiosum and this raise a major concern that is why it is banned in the United States.

Before molluscum treatment Canada is applied people should know the various characteristics of this viral disease. The disease is caused by a poxvirus and the virus will take up to 2-7 weeks before the symptoms start to appear. Under normal conditions the symptoms will go away in two to six months without treatment however in some cases lesions or bumps may persist for years. Treatment may be required but if these symptoms appear in the genital region and the eyes it should be treated to prevent secondary infection. Treatment of symptoms in the genital area is important to avoid spreading to the other sexual partner during intercourse.

Molluscum treatment Canada also encourages other treatment ncluding Cryotherapy or freezing with Liquid Nitrogen, electo cauthery, surgical treatment, Laser treatment, using oral antiviral drug, and others. The lesion is opened at the center to release the pus and hasten the healing period. Applying topical medication as home treatment and covering with bandages is advised to avoid exposure and transmission to other people in the same household. Molluscum contagiosum is a common childhood viral infection in immunocompetent childrenand slo in sexually active adults.