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Molluscum Contagiosum & Tea Tree Oil

If you have molluscum contagiosum & tea tree oil is used there is an active ingredient contained in tea tree oil called terpinen and cineole that is responsible for healing and disinfecting of the lesions in the skin. Molluscum contagiosum is a viral infection caused by poxvirus. The virus causes the skin to blister and the blister contains a cheesy pus that when expelled out of the skin it will cause the skin an open tumor or lesions that will be exposed to the environment. The pus is forcibly squeezed or drained out of the blister or the lump in order for the skin to dry up and speed the healing process. In this particular stage where the lesions in molluscum contagiosum & tea tree oil is used and applied to the lesions it will prevent another secondary infection when the skin becomes inflamed or irritated.

Some people who have molluscum contagiosum & tea tree oil is applied it is advised to use a diluted amount. In large amounts, cineole is acidic to the human tissue. The perfect and safe dilution is at between 35-60 percent for terpinen and cineole must be below ten percent. This will ensure the best result and the above combinations are safe for the skin. Tea tree oil is a is a therapeutic product made from the highest of all the therapeutic species of "Melaleuca Alternifolia.”, a tree native to Australia. Most of the tea tree oil plans grow from Asia, Australia and China. The medicinal oils came from the leaves of the tree. The tea tree has a green with white spongy bark.

The tea tree oil had long been traditionally used by Australian aboriginals for treating skin cuts and infections. They crush the leaves and applying them to the affected area. The oil contains an ingredient called terpenoids that kill fungus and bacteria. There are more than 300 species of Melaleuca that grows in swampy or wet areas but only one variety is best for its oil.

Discovered in 1923 the Tea tree oil is a legendary strong antiseptic in pus filled infection that is found in molluscum contagiosum. The molluscum contagiosum & tea tree oil is used and has strength of 13 times stronger than carbolic acid. The pus contained in molluscum contagiosum & tea tree oil is applied will dissolve the pus and will leave the surface of the wounds clean. It will prevent any apparent irritation to the surrounding healthy tissues in the area to avoid skin scarring. With the right formulation of tea tree oil is safe and there’s no harsh ingredients that are commonly found in commercially formulated antiseptic.

According to some research the tee tree oil works by activating white blood cells, the body's first line of defense against any germs and bacteria that enters the body. It works like a guard that when there’s an attack from the outside it rushes to the scene to defend the body and check for any signs of disease. When there’s a presence of germs the white blood cells is defensive by producing protective antibodies that will subdue the bacteria.

Tea Tree Oil is one of the popular natural alternative approaches to treat molluscum. If you have molluscum contagiosum & tea tree oil is needed you can buy them in most health food stores. Apply it to the lesion on a regular daily basis or until the molluscum contagiosum is gone. There are many usage of tea tree oil. When tea tree oil is used in soap it is 60 times stronger in killing bacteria when compared to other disinfectant soaps. It is also soothing and invigorating when used as massage oil. It penetrated deeply and soothes sore muscles and relaxes them up because of this the tee tree oil is a good ingredient in this type of remedies.