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MOLLUSCA Osmoregulation

The MOLLUSCA osmoregulation is important to maintain the concentration of water and salt balance through retention and excretion. This is important for molluscan species that live in different environmental conditions; salty to freshwater domain. When either one or the other groups migrate or move at they have the MOLLUSCA osmoregulation to adjust in their new environment.

The maintenance of the water balance with in their body is important for their cell membrane to function.Most marine invertebrates including molluscan species such as shell fish, snails, clams and many others beautiful sea shell creatures are isosmotic. This means that the molluscan species have the same level of osmotic pressure diffusuin and the solven flows through a semi porous membrane from a region of low solute concentration to a region of high solute concentration. When some group of molluscan migrates there is no problem of MOLLUSCA osmoregulation and they can inhabit, adjust and sustain stability in their new environment.

Not all molluscan species does this. Mangrove mollusks cannot easily adjust to their new environment. MOLLUSCA osmoregulation is a have special adaptations technique that will let them survive in their new condition. Once they become adjusted to their new environment there will be a balance of water when they excrete and through their wastes out of their body. These creatures that were able to maintain their body fluid regardless where they live are called osmoregulators. Freshwater invertebrates and other animals are all osmoregulators. The kidney-like organs in the invertebrate animals do the osmotic work to maintain its balance.

What is involved in MOLLUSCA osmoregulation and excretion especially on most of invertebrates? The kidney, respiratory system and the mantle plays the most important role in MOLLUSCA osmoregulation However in terms of other animals it varies and they have different bodily components that balances their water concentration. Sometimes the in order to maintain MOLLUSCA osmoregulation nutrients and salts are reabsorbed to achieve osmotic balance.

Other species of mollusca that are knotted for it MOLLUSCA osmoregulation are the Cyclophorids . They are similar to the true freshwater snail but they are also called aquatic snails living on the inland. They can be both found in the fresh water as well as near the forests with high humidity and rainfall.

Sea farming is a huge business. Most of them culture clams oysters and other seashell creatures. To avoid osmotic stress in their farm they employ different farming strategies and to make sure that MOLLUSCA osmoregulation is not a problem when they have new species of shells, whelks and clams that joins the other group. The technique of having MOLLUSCA osmoregulation in which these various species of molluscs regulate and maintain their internal water and salt concentrations are important in this type of business.