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Body Symmetry Of Mollusca

The body symmetry of Mollusca defines the characteristics of this specie being one of the beautiful creatures at sea having the same mirror image. It defines how the length and size of the other half is exactly the same as the other. The central axis between the left and right arranged how this two images are the same in such an amazing fugure.The body symmetry of Mollusca is a figure of the same bilateral appearance when it is cut in half longitudinally. The body symmetry of Mollusca when cut in half is the same mirror image of the other half. The body symmetry of Mollusca is typically a short soft body with a very small coelom.

Looking for the body symmetry of mollusca makes you think that the sea creature has the same bilateral coordinates as that of the human creature. Take for instance the face of a human being. If you get the tip of the nose as the reference point and measure to the left and to the right, you can say both have the same size and that is symmetry and that same theory defines also the body symmetry of mollusca. In short the mollusks have the same bilateral symmetry.

The characteristics of mollusca are defined by its muscular skeletal system having a soft body covered by a hard shell and suing its feet to move. The food, water and air are siphoned through a tube. Foods then go to the mouth and digested to its digestive glands and the waste goes out through the anus. They also breathe in oxygen and gives off carbon dioxide. They reproduce through either sexually using an organ called gonad. The size of every mollusca vary; it can be very small or could be as big as 6 feet across in dimension. There are tens of thousand species of mollusca and generally they have the same bilateral body symmetry. They can live in fresh water or in the sea water.

Despite of the body symmetry of mollusca the mantle is one of the most important part of the its body that is a fleshy tissue that lines the inside of the shell. Without the mantle the mollusca will not grow and will not have its own unique color. It also functions and helps in the respiratory system to get oxygen from the water. The pigmented cells in the mantle made up the color of the mollusca. Because of the mantle the mollusks grow when it absorbs calcium carbonate from the seawater. Calcium carbonate is a substance secreted by the mantle and shell layers are secreted by different parts of the mantle as well. Hwever if ou have not learned about the body symmetry of mollusca you can think that looking at these sea creatures are difficult because of the different levels of complexity seen in body form and the different organs of this particular specie.