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Aldara Molluscum

Aldara molluscum treatment can get rid of the very annoying and bothersome skin infection that affects children and sexually active adults. This disease most particularly affect those who have compromised immune systems due to diseases such as HIV/AIDS and others. The molloscum contagiosum infection is a benign, harmless skin growth that occur in most parts of the body including, neck, feet, stomach, chest and genital area in both men and women alike. The virus called poxvirus is the cause of the molluscum contagiosum and manifests itself as a small flesh-colored pimple like papules with a dent in the center. The lump becomes mature and will contain a cheesy –like pus that needs to drain out in order to be cured.

There are many conventional treatments available to cure the infection and aldara molluscum is one of them. The aldara molluscum is tested in various types of people especially to those who are immunocompromized and it was proven and worked. Studies with HIV patients indicated that with heavily pretreated molluscum contagiosum had their lesions cleared and reduced. The aldara molluscum treatmetn is a good option after the other types of treatment to prevent the new growth of lesions to spread on the skin. The aldara molluscum is originally formulated to treat genital warts and because it was successfult hey tried to used it for molluscum contagiosum and it worked effectively.

The (Imiquimod cream) aldara molluscum is an immune system modifier cream that works to prevent and control the virus from spreading. It also enhances the immune system to fight back the virus and build up its own storage of antibodies for future attacks of these body intruders. This topical cream aldara molluscum is safe and handy and it is easy to use at the comfort of your home and you can rub it on the area before bedtime and then it's washed off on the next day.

Each gram of the 5% aldara molluscum vanishing cream contains 50 mg of imiquimod. The chemical content of Imiquimod aldara molluscum is not harsh to the skin and will not harm a healthy skin. The aldara molluscum worked perfectly to benefit AIDS/HIV positive patients with refractory anogenital warts as well as molluscum contagiosum outside of the anogenital region.

Treatment of aldara molluscum can show the noticeable effects within four months of usage. The topical aldara molluscum cream can reduce recurrences of molluscum contagiosum after treatment. However there are limitations that some patients with molluscum contagiosum on the eyelids should be treated specifically with an eye doctor or ophthalmologist.

The benefit of aldara molluscum is noteworthy and that is why this is one of the painless approaches to treating molluscum contagiosum that most people would prefer. Most people who use aldara molluscum cream have shown redness on the skin but there is no pain. If there is redness on the skin it is a good sign that the antibody in the immune system works by fighting against the attackers. One common side effect of aldara molluscum is that it will result to itchiness, flaking and skin peeling around the infected area.