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Scabs on moles diagnosis indicate that the moles have gone bad. This symptom is commonly found in moles that turn into melanoma. When a mole bleeds, scabs, and changes shape, color and appearance itís time to seek medical intervention from a skin expert. The problem with moles that changed and left unattended can become a serious problems once it metastasize to other parts of the body. The scabs on moles diagnosis can be seen as a health threat and should not be taken lightly.

Watching out for scabs on moles diagnosis before you come to the doctorís office is also encouraged. This can be done at the comfort of your home by you or with the help of someone in the household. Self-examination is encouraged for people who have potential risks of melanoma. Potential risk means that those people who have a family history of melanoma and those with genetic influences should monitor their moles regularly to spot any changes as described in the ABCD rule.

If the dermatologists find scabs on moles diagnosis, a biopsy is recommended to find out if the suspected growth is a real cancer threat. People with melanoma should be diagnosed properly to make sure what stage the cancer is. People suffering from unusual growth of mole should visit a doctor for diagnosis and consideration for immediate removal. Do not wait until the cancerous mole advances and become a malignant melanoma.

Aside from scabs on moles diagnosis other symptoms include mole size that becomes larger, the mole that have raised surface and have a rough texture, have clustered or irregular shape and contains more than one color. These moles could grow whether on your face and neck, chest and shoulder, arms and legs and/or other body parts. It may cause inconvenience if it is unattractive and large or have hairs on it. Some people become conscious of these moles and thinking of removing them is the only solution. Removing a mole that is found out to have scabs on mole diagnosis is the surest way to eliminate the risk of melanoma.

To avoid scabs on moles diagnosis, protect your skin moles from excessive sun exposure. The skin moles have a negative reaction against the intense UV radiation and sad to know that this one of the major causes of melanoma. To reduce the risk, anti sun protection is encouraged by using sunscreen lotions with at least SPF 15, wearing sunglasses, proper clothing and staying under the shade as much as possible.