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It is important to distinguish moles and melanoma in the genital area. The pictures of genital moles can help the confusion knowing that the moles could go bad and become cancerous. Moles can be everywhere in the skin especially in areas where it gets exposure from the sun. However there are moles that also grow from the least exposed areas of the body such as the bottom of feet, in between toes, under arm and in the genital area. Moles in the genital area are not sexually transmitted and there is nothing to worry about if you are having sex with the person having genital moles because they are not contagious.

There’s nothing medical in the pictures of genital moles that lie on the vulva as long as the moles do not change. Some moles in the genital area are considered sexual marks that indicate exceptional desire in sex. However these facts are merely folklores and there is not scientific basis about it. The major concern about moles in the genital area is that if it could turn into melanoma. The risk of having melanoma in the genital area can be due to environmental or genetic factors. Environmental factors occurs because of overexposure to the sun Genetic plays the most influential factor in causing melanoma indifferent areas of the body including the genital area as seen on the pictures of genital moles online.

Some genital moles occur as temporary or permanent change in women during pregnancy. In this short duration of time the growth of moles on the genital area can be hormonal and should eventually go away without any problems. However some moles remain and linger in an asymptomatic mode and have no medical significance at all. If the genital moles changed based on the ABCD rule then its time to get treatment. Some changes in the women’s skin could include moles in the vulva of the genital area accompanied by darkening of skin, nipples, formation of dark rings, lines and freckles and moles on the inner thighs. Before and after pregnancy the woman should monitor these changes to see if the remain as is, or has changed.

For those who are suspicious about their moles as seen in the pictures of genital moles should seek medical attention and treatment. The person can also examine the different parts of the body before going to the dermatologist. These areas include the chest or torso, face, neck, hands and legs. You can ask someone to check the back of your body if you are not able to see them. These moles should be noted and every inch of change should be recorded. This is helpful for the health care provider to diagnose your condition.