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Like any other moles in the body moles feet ankle can appear as harmless and benign growth. Moles feet ankle are skin pigments that occur in brown or other color that can be flat or raised. Moles feet ankle could appear after birth and can be called as a birthmark but they all mean the same. Moles feet ankle that are considered normal are evenly colored with no other color combinations. This mole should have well-defined edges, circular or oval in shape and should be less than 6 millimeters in diameter. If the moles feet ankle does not fit the description, it is a sign that these moles are becoming cancerous.

Cancerous moles feet ankles occur to people as a result of heredity, age and too much sun damage to the skin. Melanoma in moles feet ankle grows on the outer layer of the skin in the ankles and may develop into melanoma if the signs are neglected. The first signs and symptoms of melanoma are the changes in the size, shape and color or the moles feet ankle become painful and a fluid and fluid comes out of it. The ABCD rule to detect cancerous moles is a helpful tool in finding out the behavior of the moles anywhere in the body.

If by chance the moles feet ankle changed, look for the signs and symptoms such as changes in the color, size, border and shape. If the moles feet ankle becomes painful or having lesions and if pus or blood comes out of it then it is a warning sign of melanoma. Melanomas can occur anywhere on the body, on the legs, foot or ankle. Even The less exposed areas of the feet such as the under a toenail, on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet.

Malignant melanoma that developed in moles feet ankle is an aggressive form of cancer that could affect the personís capability to walk and could lead to crippling or even death. It spreads to surrounding tissues of the feet and if it advances to the fourth stage it will invade the other organs of the body such as brain, lungs liver and others. Melanomas that developed out of moles feet ankle are probably caused by too much exposure to the sun. A serious family history of skin cancer can make the other siblings more likely to inherit the same disease in the future. According to some research, Caucasians who live closed to the equator are more prone to getting moles and melanoma than any other colored skin people on earth. The risk of skin cancer also increases on fair skinned people with red or blond hair and blue eyes.

Spending too much time under the sun is one of the major causes of melanoma. Nobody is exempted to have melanoma, regardless of color. Chronic sunburn in the past can accumulate and will eventually develop melanoma at some point in oneís life. That is why regardless of what you do outdoors, you have to use precaution to protect your skin from the virulent rays of the sun. Trying to get a tan by going to tanning saloons are also responsible for some cases on melanoma nowadays. To be cautious, you have to use anti sun protection such as sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, wear proper clothing, use an umbrella and stay under the shade as much as possible.