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Men and moles cannot live in harmony together. As moles find their way by digging tunnels men kill moles with juicy fruit gum placed in their holes as their bait. Ground moles cannot digest juicy fruit gum and they will eventually die. Men hate moles for ruining their yards and in order to discourage moles from coming back they kill moles with juicy fruit gum. To kill moles with juicy fruit gum is one of the popular ways to get rid moles without causing hazard to people. It is less expensive and very practical.

Moles have huge appetites for insects, grubs and earthworms and usually eat as much as their body weight and fill in the stomach until they sleep. Once these moles are up they are back to the digging and doing the same routine again. How they kill moles with juicy fruit gum is that they unwrap these gums and place them in the active holes. While these moles are digging they will come across these and found these gums and eat them.

Moles are very disruptive on men’s lawns and backyard and men are so pissed and their anger turns to kill moles with juicy fruit gum. To use one the world’s most popular gums you find the entrance of the molehills and put 3 unwrapped gums in the entrance and cover back with soil or dirt. This is trick to enable the mole to dig again and then these creatures will eat the gum when they encounter it on their way in.

If you think the juicy fruit gum is not effective you can try other methods. Other than you kill moles with juicy fruit gum, there are other ways to eradicate them. These include mole bombs, poison, insect baits, electronic sound waves, and many others. Other mole killing techniques may work and some are not. However you have to be extra careful in using these mole killers because these are also hazardous to humans. In using poison you need an expert person to do it for and it has to be approved by your local pest control center.

Sometimes it is a matter of tricking the moles before these products are used. The best way to kill moles with juicy fruit gum is during the early spring season before they gave birth. This is the same as hitting two birds with one stone. Getting rid of moles in your backyard can be tough and it requires hard work and more time. Elimination of ground moles can also be done in a natural way by flooding the tunnel or planting odorous plants in the vicinity. These plants do not produce foul smell to humans but only to moles.