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You have to watch out on irritated moles as these moles can develop into a serious skin problem. Irritated moles are usually itchy, swollen and bleed. If you have irritated moles it is time to see a dermatologist. While most moles are harmless and benign some moles can be potentially cancerous especially the irritated moles. Skin moles can be acquired from birth or acquired as a result of an environmental factor. Moles may appear at some point of oneís life and it can be single or multiple. Others have more than 50 moles and all are normal but one can have a single mole that can be cancerous.

Itís important to keep track of the moles especially the irritated moles because of the potential risk of malignant melanoma. You check the moles at home after taking a shower and looking at the mirrors to see if your mole had grown in size, changed its shape and color or have irregular boundaries. If any of the moles are suspicious especially the irritated moles have your doctor take a look at your skin as soon as possible

Irritated moles need to be removed. However removal of moles would require a more aggressive procedure and that is to have surgery. No one should attempt to remove irritated moles using acids and other home remedies at home. Moles are different than skin tags. Often confused as moles, skin tags are extra skin that grow and protrudes in the skin but this is a cosmetic skin problem. Unlike moles that can become a high risk for skin cancer skin tags are purely cosmetic. Once your mole is itchy and irritated it is a signal that a doctor should look at it carefully to confirm the presence of a cancerous skin. The doctor will evaluate the irritated moles to the lab.

To avoid irritated moles do not scratch your moles. Avoid touching or playing with your moles. When it becomes itchy see your doctor. Irritated moles can be caused by too much exposure to the sun and the skin becomes skin becomes irritated and burned and so with the moles. Sunburn is the enemy of the skin and if you are fond of going outdoors you have to know that there is a risk. Wear protective clothing, sun block of SPF 15, hats, sunglasses, lip balms, sun visor and other things to protect your skin. The sunrays from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM are very strong and could burn your skin. Irritated moles are warning signs that you need to see a doctor, do not ignore these signs as this can be more serious and fatal.