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If you found genital moles in the sensitive part of the body you have to monitor the pattern if it changed the color, size and border. Genital moles may be present since birth and if it does not change or stays as is, then they are any normal moles and thereís nothing to worry about. If the description of your genital moles fits the contradicting ABCDís of mole detection then you have to see a doctor to get it examined

Moles are generally benign but in rare cases these can be cancerous. Moles appear in different parts of the body; it could appear in the hands, legs, face, chest and in the genital area. Genital moles are often misunderstood and believed to be at greater risk than other ordinary moles. Some genital moles could appear in the external part of the vagina, vulva, penis and scrotum and the adjacent peri anal area. If you see any abnormalities in its growth you can see your dermatologist to check the condition. If the genital moles are at risk, it is usually treated the same as any other cancer moles and removed in the same process. Removal of malignant genital moles is done by traditional excision surgery, cauterization, electro-surgery, cryosurgery, laser and others. Laser is the most expensive method and not many can afford it.

Genital moles should be scrutinized and monitored regularly at least quarterly to detect early skin changes that may signal melanoma. Itís because you have pigmented skin you have to worry. Early detection of genital moles is the best way to catch any potential problems in your sensitive genital area. Self-examination and self-care is advised especially if you have a family history of skin cancer.

Even if the genital moles aren't exposed to direct sunlight there could also be a possibility of getting this skin problem in unexpected areas. As mentioned to detect melanomas make sure to check on the shape of the moles, make sure one half of the mole is the same as the other, the border should be smooth and not biased or irregular. You also have to take note if the color changes from dark to light, red to brown, or black to brown. Also id the genital moles are larger than 6 millimeters see your doctor.