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Difference Between Moles And Warts

The difference between moles and warts can be detailed as follows. Moles are skin pigmentations that come in red, brown or lack, flat or raised and normally harmless. Warts on the other hand come in flesh or white color, raised or bumpy and generally benign. Warts are caused by (viral) human papilloma virus whereas moles are appear as the person aged, or can be caused by hormonal and environmental factors. Warts can be treated using topical solutions, creams, and by other invasive methods such as surgery Moles that are becoming abnormal needs to be removed surgically. Depending on the growth of warts, it is seldom cancerous but for moles dysplastic nevi types are more likely to become cancerous.

The dermatologist can determine the difference between moles and warts. If you have a slight doubt and you are not sure if you have warts or moles, then see a doctor. Warts are mostly unwelcome type of growth as it affects the skin where it grows. If it grows under the feet (plantar warts) it is painful and causes the person not to walk. If the warts grow on the face it is very unsightly. If the warts grow on the genital area, it can be associated with cervical cancer. Warts are commonly benign but if it persists and grows in the skin and makes the person uncomfortable about it, it needs removal.

Moles on the other hand appear on children at birth, and the number increases, as they grow older. Moles appear in all skin types and usually in fairer complexions. Almost everyone have moles in their body however some of them are light colored and it becomes darker after certain exposure to the sun's UV rays. The sun is the enemy of the skin causing freckles and moles to grow. It is also the cause of moles turning into melanoma.

Moles appear in many forms and so with the warts. Both can become cancerous however if treated at an early stage, it can be cured and the problem will cease. However if you do not know the difference between moles and warts you can preempt any chances of becoming cancerous. Warts are contagious while moles are not however moles can be inherited within the family who has a previous history of skin cancer.

As long as you know how to spot the difference between moles and warts you can ask medical help if needed. For moles that are precancerous in nature (dysplastic moles) a monthly self-exam or a regular check up is required to note any changes on the skin based on the ABCD standards of moles evaluation. If you notice any changes in size, shape, or color, and border, seek medical attention and have your moles diagnosed through the lab. This is also true with warts that do not heal after certain treatment should be reported to the doctor. Both warts and moles need medical attention somehow and for others who do not know the difference between moles and warts, I suggest reading online materials would help.