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Celebrities with Moles

Some fans are fascinated while looking at their favorite celebrities with moles on their faces. There are many popular actors and actresses who were branded as celebrities with moles because these moles are the unique features of their face. When you talk of Cindy Crawford, one can easily remember her mole above the left side of her lips that seemed to make her face more alluring and charming. Every fashion magazine has her face and her celebrity mole is an eye catcher. She is one of the celebrities with moles that had her three moles removed because of a melanoma scare. This is a good example of being proactive in checking the moles that can potentially develop into skin cancer.

Many celebrities with moles become more popular because of their moles. We can see these moles and spot them on the cover of the magazines and on the movie screen that makes them more appealing to the public. Famous celebrities with moles include Matt Damon, Gwyneth Palthrow, Julia Roberts, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jack Nicolson and many others. Unlike any ordinary moles these moles are priceless piece of skin growth that represents a different brand of personality. However the notion of celebrities with moles changed when there was a finding of a suspicious mole in Jack Nicolson. He had his moles on his upper cheek removed.

Celebrities with moles that do not like their moles and had it removed was the famous star and now an active governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. His large mole on his jaw was removed for cosmetic reasons. The charming singer Enrique Iglesias had his face moles removed for cosmetic reasons and his fans were surprised of his decisions. On the other hand, Oscar award winner Julia Roberts won't let moles in her body affect her career as she marched with confidence in the red carpet with the moles on her body. She kept them as these moles do not pose any health threats at all.

Nobody can keep celebrities with moles to have fun on beaches. They can afford to have their own paradise by the sea and enjoy the sun as much as they can. However these celebrities with moles are may be confident but should no take chances in letting the sun's UV rays damage their skin and affect their moles. They can afford to pay the best sunscreen lotion in the market or the most expensive laser surgeon that can remove any moles that becomes a health threat.

Celebrities with moles are lucky to have these moles as long as they are not harmful. Moles are generally harmless but rarely become cancerous due to the influence of age, heredity and the sun. Celebrities with moles may have all the amenities to enjoy in life including the luxury of tanning saloons and sun beds. They should be aware that the UV rays are the main cause of skin cancer and could make their skin bad.