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Breast Moles

Breast moles that are unusual or funny looking can be a concern knowing that certain melanocytic nevi of the breast could develop into melanoma. Some breast moles may show atypical features that resemble melanoma. Moles could appear anywhere on the body, but often found on the exposed areas such as neck, face, back, chest, and the least exposed areas such as the breast, armpits, palms of hand and the under the feet and genital area. Women with breast moles should see to it that these moles do not change in color, shape, size, appearance and texture.

Breast moles could be one of the several numbers of moles in the body and should not show any signs of itchiness, pain and growing lumps. If the breast moles are lumpy it is suspicious of melanoma and should be checked. Breast moles that bleed and ooze fluid are bad signs that should be worried about. Have your moles checked by your health care provider as soon as these symptoms are noticed. Breast moles can be irritated if constantly picked or touched. Painful breast moles could mean anything, sign of melanoma or breast cancer. Either way you have to be more concerned about it and get treatment as soon as possible,

Breast cancer that changes its color can be a result of hormonal changes due to pregnancy or regular menstruation. However if you have any doubt about it no one can give you a correct answer unless you go to your doctor for proper diagnosis. A woman having painful breast moles may be pregnant and during pregnancy it can make moles darker and painful. If your breast moles change its growth so rapidly you have to consider testing through biopsy. The breast moles should be monitored to see its just temporary or permanent change and the doctor will recommend biopsy. Biopsy will determine if there are cancers cells present or not.

In the examination of breast moles, the doctor will consider if the patient has family history of skin cancer or a breast cancer. The doctor will also look at it as a simple skin irritation that coincides with the moles if it just a simple superficial lesion. It is not normal for a mole to become painful and if these symptoms appear in breast moles it is indicative that moles are turning into melanoma. Other symptoms that may be associated with abnormal breast moles are described in the ABCD of moles detection.

Although the breast is located in the unexposed areas of the skin, the likelihood of melanoma is possible. Genetic and heredity is one of the influential factors in developing melanoma. The main cause is the over exposure to the UV rays. The sun's UV rays will damage the skin through sunburn and having several sunburns in the person's lifetime is bad. A person can develop melanoma later in life from the unknown episodes of sunburns during his early childhood. Wearing anti-sun protection you can reduce the risk and whenever possible stay in shady areas. Apply sunscreen; wear proper clothing, sunglasses, and hats to protect your skin. You can control the sun to get into your skin, but once the cancer gets into you, it would be a big challenge before you can control it.