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Bleach to Remove Moles and Warts

The technique of using bleach to remove moles and warts could work by lightening the dark pigmentation of the skin in the area. People who wanted to lighten their freckles and moles can use this solution for other patchy discoloration of the skin caused by melanin malformations. The bleach to remove moles and warts is not a medical treatment but is used by some people who wanted to do away with their annoying moles without going through surgery or wanted to save some money.

The mole is a dark skin pigmentation that is of cosmetic or of medical significance but they can be treated or cured once caught at an early stage. Almost everyone has moles but there are some people who wanted to get rid on these moles for some reason. Using bleach to remove moles and warts depends on the person's reaction to the bleaching agent. Some skin is sensitive and could lead to skin irritation that can make the skin problem even worse. Some times it may work for some people but not for all.

The bleach to remove moles and warts can take care of the superficial blemishes but not a cancerous mole. Cancerous moles that cover large portion of the skin cannot be removed by bleach to remove moles and warts and should be referred to the dermatologists. Your dermatologist or a skin expert should examine your mole for any changes in the size, shape, border, color, texture and appearance. A biopsy may be required of the risk is present. You have to watch if there is bleeding, itchiness in the mole's lesion.

Removing the moles using bleach to remove moles and warts is not medically certified. The option to use bleach to remove moles and warts depends on the person but it is advised to use this solution with caution to avoid skin irritation. Although this is a painless alternative to mole removal, people should not always take chances to treat their moles. Surgery may be painful and leaves some evidence of scarring but this had been proven as one of the most effective method ever since.