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Baby Moles

Baby moles are called pups. Mother moles gave birth to at least 2-6 baby moles once or twice a year. Generally moles breed once a year. Before baby moles are born the period of development from conception takes about 4 or 6 weeks. The mole hibernates during winter. Male moles will find its female partner and mate between February to April. In the late spring the baby moles offspring are born. The baby moles weight about 3.5 grams and stays with their mother until they mature and ready to hunt for their own food.

Baby moles cannot see until 22 days after birth. The hairs will start growing after 2 weeks. Baby moles live with their parents for one month. The parent moles feed their young through their mother's milk. The bad thing is that when mother moles die the father moles leave them unattended. The baby moles take care of the baby moles for one month and after 2 months these baby moles can live independently and start digging on their own.

Baby moles are not baby anymore and they are ready to be sexually active and breed in the next mating season. These baby moles mature so quickly and can lice independent without the help of their parents. Healthy moles have a lifespan of a between 3-5 years. Baby moles can blindly travel through the tunnel and will pop out in the surface of the ground. If the cats and dogs are around they can become their prey. Baby moles are helpless and they appear to be the victim of the treacherous world of the wilds. They can get drown so easily when their tunnel is being flooded by humans purposely to get rid of them.

When baby moles grew they can also eat what the adult moles eat such as earthworm and insects. Whatever the older moles are doing such as digging endless the soil and the cross section tunnel underneath it. If there lost of baby moles in your backyard that means there are large group of adult moles around. The best time to hunt for moles is during their breeding season. This is when you hunt for them as well as their baby moles. Before the bay moles are burn it is the best time to exterminate them so that their population will not increase anymore.