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Are red moles dangerous?

Red moles are linked to malignant melanoma; a deadly skin cancer that affects millions of people. Red moles usually may come with a small lump beneath the skin. The mole may become red and tender when of the skin is touched. Red moles could be associated with infection as it gets inflamed, it could bleed. These signs are not to be neglected. The person should seek medical attention upon seeing the red moles in this regard.

Moles are very common skin growths that are usually small in size, and have brown or black color, flat or sometimes raised. These moles may occasionally change shape or color but once it become red moles, it is unusual. Doctors usually look at this as a risk and will suggest removal to prevent the mole from enlarging or spreading and to prevent malignant skin cancer.

Moles that are painful and easily get irritated when touched should be removed. Moles that have hairs may interfere with shaving or may rub against clothing. The techniques used to remove red moles are the same as those used to remove moles that are cosmetically undesirable.

Are red moles dangerous? Red moles that are proven to be a potential risk of skin cancer can be treated. If red moles are treated at the early stage the risk will no longer exist and the person will have peace of mind. There are some people who have one or more moles in their body. These moles could be light or dark brown, tan or black; however not too many have red moles. Red moles are very distracting from the skin's appearance and it's very undesirable. Not only that red mole poses a risk of cancer but it is a skin imperfection that makes the skin look ugly too. Many people seek removal of red moles for cosmetic reason.

Are red moles dangerous? Red moles that are left neglected are dangerous. Doctors recommend red moles to be removed through surgery. However, surgery can be performed using variety of techniques and these include excision, cauterization, cryosurgery, laser surgery and electro surgery. The choice of any of these methods depends on the patient and doctor after all the options are presented.

Are red moles dangerous? It c an be dangerous but the risk of developing red moles into cancer is high in people who are over exposed to UV rays. The sun in the mid day to mid afternoon is dangerous to the skin and could cause freckles, sunburns and moles. Light and fair skinned people that have episodes of sunburn in their younger years can be also become vulnerable to getting moles. Not all moles are red moles and don't cause skin cancer. However, red moles are exceptional cases and for various reason some people get it. People with family history of skin cancer may inherit the skin problem and could develop red moles that could lead to malignant melanoma