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Are red moles cancerous?

Red is one of the variances in the color of moles. Moles can be brown, black, blue and in lighter or darker shades. It develop in the skin as a result of uneven distribution of melanocyte cells that instead of giving the skin its natural color, it is concentrated in some areas in dark spots and what we call skin moles. Red moles are not cancerous unless the growths do not change. The changes involved include size, shape, border, appearance, texture and color.

Red moles are often referred to as cherry angiomas that occur in older people over 25 years of age. The appearance of red moles cherry angiomas is purely cosmetic relevance and usually benign. These growths occur as a result of heredity and genes and often pose no health threats. The small blood vessel under the skin could turn up to be reddish on the surface of the skin and what we call red moles. If the red moles are inflamed it may bleed profusely however these growths are still considered benign.

Are red moles cancerous? If you are not sure if your red moles are cancerous it is advised to see a dermatologist. If you have a family history of skin cancer and you have red moles in your body, make sure to monitor these moles for any possible changes. If your red moles have suspicious lesions the doctor will require biopsy test to find out the extent of the skin cancer and how far it spreads to the area. Checking in with your dermatologist should be done the soonest possible to get treatment as early as possible. Melanoma is a serious form of skin cancer out of the abnormal formation of melanocyte cells and the earlier its caught the better are the chances of cure.

Are red moles cancerous? Most moles regardless of what color are always benign. As long as their size is less than 6 millimeters in diameter, do not have irregular shape, no rugged edges and the appearance do not look funny you should not worry about it. In order to distinguish the difference between the normal and cancerous moles, you should be familiar with the ABCD rule.

This ABCD rule guide specifies the characteristics and features of a melanoma. These include certain things to point out in red moles that are becoming cancerous. Asymmetry, Border, Color and Diameter, texture and appearance are some of the criteria that you have to look for in moles. Not only red moles can be suspected of becoming cancerous. Any mole of any color can change its pattern and develop into melanoma if the person is not taking care of his or her skin.