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Herpes Outbreaks

If you are a person who is newly diagnosed or at least within your first year of having been diagnosed with genital herpes, you are most likely seeking information on the issue at hand and how best to treat these herpes outbreaks. The first thing you should realize is that the symptoms of herpes outbreaks due, in most textbook cases get easier to deal with over time.

H-Balm treatment effective against herpes outbreaks

The first year is generally the toughest when dealing with herpes outbreaks. The primary reason for this is that your body is now host to a new virus that has infected your body. Common sense would tell us that over time, our bodies would learn the herpes virus, how it acts within us and be able to find ways to combat the virus better. It is almost as if a new type of war has just erupted within us. As with any war there must be tactics developed in finding the best way to combat and bring the attacker to surrender. This is much like the way your body will learn to control herpes and herpes outbreaks.

Generally in the first year, a person will suffer three or more herpes outbreaks. Some have been known to suffer as many as one to two herpes outbreaks per month. This is nothing to be overly alarmed about, outside of the physical pain that is associated with the herpes outbreak itself. Numerous herpes outbreaks within the first year are considered normal.

H-Balm Treatment effective against herpes outbreaks

During times of herpes outbreaks there are a number of things that can be done to help minimize the pain and help promote quicker healing of the lesions that are associated with herpes outbreaks. Again common sense can be the biggest ally you have in taking actions to help gain control. It is important to know that there is no cure for herpes. Although there is no cure for herpes, some medications have been effective in reducing the duration and frequency of herpes outbreaks. Discuss the various options with your health care provider to find the best option for your specific needs.

Additional measures that can be taken to promote quicker healing and reduce pain associated with herpes outbreaks is during a herpes outbreak, keep the infected area as clean and dry as possible. Some of those living with herpes have stated they use a hair dryer to help dry the location of the herpes outbreak more thoroughly after bathing. This will help the natural healing processes.

Some doctors recommend warm showers in order to cleanse the infected area, carefully using soap and a washcloth. Take special caution not to use the same cloth on other parts of your skin after it has come in contact with the lesions associated with the herpes outbreak. Afterwards, towel dry gently, or dry the area with a hair dryer on a low or cool setting. To prevent chaffing, some people also find it helpful to avoid tight-fitting undergarments. Plain white cotton seem to be the best choice as the material allows air to the lesions and helps promote healing of the herpes outbreaks. Most creams and lotions are of no use and may even irritate, especially those containing any type of steroid. Steroidal creams are known to intensify the herpes outbreak and lengthen the duration that the herpes outbreak will last.

A healthy immune system may be important in controlling the virus. Realize the need for proper nutrition, exercise, and rest.

H-Balm Treatment effective against herpes outbreaks

It is advised to take time and make note of those things that may initiate your own herpes outbreaks. During the times of herpes outbreaks, take a look at your activity, your diet, and anything else that may play a role in causing these herpes outbreaks. Some of the most identifiable triggers of herpes outbreaks include chocolate, caffeine, nuts, stress, lack of proper rest, challenged immune system brought on by a cold, flu or other illness. Over time you will realize those things that contribute to your own herpes outbreaks and be able to minimize the roles they play in your own herpes outbreaks.

Others living with the herpes virus have also noted friction from sex as being a key factor in their own herpes outbreaks. Some precautions you can take during these times are to use an affective lubricant to avoid friction and minimize the potential a herpes outbreak would have at becoming active.

Having genital herpes does not have to be the end of your life, only the end of life, as you once knew it. If you simply take a proactive approach, you will realize the triggers listed above are all things that should be reduced or implemented in your life anyway. Having herpes can actually be an encouragement to healthier living when you take the necessary measures to avoid herpes outbreaks.