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H-Balm Control Extra Strength

Real Medicine to Fight Herpes H-Balm is to be applied topically and delivers fast results to ease symptoms. Endorsed and used by American doctors and dermatologists, H-Balm is a registered medicine and can be used in conjunction with antiviral medication or on its own.

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H-Balm Named Best Herpes Treatment by foundation The Foundation for Natural Remedies has awarded H-Balm with its 'Best Natural Herpes Treatment'.

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Oxygen Herpes Cure

Oxygen herpes cure is a therapy that is proven to produce benefits in boosting the body’s immune system. Aside from the other benefits include increased blood circulation throughout the body, detoxification and increases oxygen delivery to cells, tissues and organs of the body to function normally and regain a healthy and productive life. The cells in the body can produce its own supply of oxygen and regardless with and without elevated oxygen level; the virus can still grow but with an increased level, the virus can’t survive.

Oxygen herpes cure was formulated to elevate the oxygen levels of the cells thus making the environment unfriendly to anaerobic diseases causing viruses and bacteria. With the increased oxygen level the viruses are unable to replicate, multiple and re grow to causing damage to other cells. This will incapacitate or disable the herpes virus and will not cause anymore symptoms in the surface of the skin. This will halt the progression of an outbreak and the effects can last longer if used regularly. There will not come a time that the infected person may nor have recurrent virus for more than 1-2 years and this long-term remission is what people wanted to have.

Oxygen herpes cure is now available in topical cream. This topical cream treats the warts and with the cream having antiviral properties and infused with oxygen the herpes disease can be controlled or even to the extent of killing the viruses. When this helpful oxygen herpes cure, the virus replication will be halted. Based on Waldon research, insufficient oxygen levels in the tissues, is the fundamental cause for all degenerative disease.

Oxidative therapy, using injections of Hydrogen Peroxide has been reported effective as oxygen herpes cure to generate oxygen in the body against the HSV virus. This method had been studied and tested for various diseases including herpes. I can be administered by any physician, however before you try this treatment make sure you discuss this option with your medical provider.

More and more research is conducted with regards to adopting the ozone or oxygenation therapy to treat diseases including AIDS, cancer and others. However most of them had been tossed out and rejected. Some of the medical benefits of oxygen herpes cure had been appreciated for years by other countries however in the USA the fate is still unknown whether this treatment can be officially out to the public.