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H-Balm Control Extra Strength

Real Medicine to Fight Herpes H-Balm is to be applied topically and delivers fast results to ease symptoms. Endorsed and used by American doctors and dermatologists, H-Balm is a registered medicine and can be used in conjunction with antiviral medication or on its own.

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H-Balm Named Best Herpes Treatment by foundation The Foundation for Natural Remedies has awarded H-Balm with its 'Best Natural Herpes Treatment'.

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Hydrogen Peroxide Cure For Genital Herpes

Have you heard about hydrogen peroxide cure for genital herpes? It could be known to some people, but not to all. Before going to your closes drugstore to buy hydrogen peroxide cure for genital herpes, it is important to know the chemical components of hydrogen peroxide and how these components react in our body. It is known that hydrogen peroxide is formed when water is combined with oxygen (H2O + O). This means when hydrogen peroxide is taken inside the body, reaction takes place converting it to water and singlet oxygen. This singlet oxygen is a powerful oxidizing agent in hydrogen peroxide therapy.

Hydrogen peroxide cure for genital herpes works using the effects of singlet oxygen in the human body. The singlet Oxygen kills and slows down the growth of anaeobic organisms and consists of pathogens that can cause disease, such as a bacteria or a virus. Unfortunately, the requirements of oxygen in the human body are not being met. Several of the most common ailments now affecting our population are directly related to oxygen starvation. Immune system disorders are most likely associated with other diseases including genital herpes and all forms of cancer that has an alarming increase in numbers lately.

Aside form hydrogen peroxide cure for genital herpes, this substance is a by-product of cell metabolism needed for the metabolism of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. Hydrogen peroxide works as a hormonal regulator which is vital in the production of estrogen, progesterone, and thyroxin in the body. It is also known to be involved in the regulation of blood sugar and the production of energy in the body cells.

There are many other conditions in which hydrogen peroxide has been used successfully. Many of these conditions are serious, other are non-life threatening and in which hydrogen cure for genital herpes is also one of the list of diseases that are treatable by this substance.

Using the principles of Bio-Oxidative Therapies, the relationship of oxygen to human cells is being accounted. When levels of oxygen increase, the potential for disease decreases. This simple means that large amounts of oxygen supply in the body will drench out the germs, parasites, fungi, bacteria, and viruses are killed along with the damaged tissue cells. New healthy cells will grow and multiply at the same time resulting to a stronger and enhanced immune system that will be building up in the body.

In a typical treatment of hydrogen peroxide, a grade of 0.03% hydrogen peroxide is used and done by infusion into a vein in the arm. It drips over a 90 min- 2 hour period. No food intake Is required at least 20 minutes after a hydrogen peroxide treatment. Several treatments may be needed to treat chronic illnesses and conditions which could take at least ten treatments one week apart. Using the principles of oxidation to bring about improvements in the body’s immune system and that can be aided by eating healthy food rich in Vitamins A, C and E. Avoiding stressful way of living could make your immune system well too.