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Genital Herpes Cause Knee Pain Or Not

It could be confusing if genital herpes cause pain or not, however leg symptoms may seem to appear to be associated with genital herpes infection. Herpes simplex virus in some cases are maybe associated with neuropathic pain involving the “sacral nerves”, i.e. in the back, down the legs, and other adjacent parts. To support this claim, studies are still ongoing and the facts have not yet been widely accepted medically. If you look at the symptoms of genital herpes HSV-2, it will cause painful conditions in the body including buttocks or thighs and the pains goes down the legs could be the manifestations. The diseases also cause other nervous system to numb or tingling or itchy before the onset of the outbreak.

The probably that genital herpes cause pain or not is still also possible during early symptoms. Generally men and women could have symptoms including, itching or burning feeling in the genital or anal area, pain in the legs, buttocks, or genital area, discharge of fluid from the vagina, and abdominal pressure. In a matter of days, sores will appear near where the virus has entered the body, such as on the mouth, penis, or vagina. Infection in women can be internally (cervix) or externally (vagina). Painful urination can be experienced by both men and women having symptoms of genital herpes. The cycle started from the red sores or bumps that will appear first, and then will develop into blisters, and then will burst and become painful open wound (lesions). Over several days, healing of the sores can be noticed when it is crusty and without leaving a scar.

Pain in the leg can also be encountered after the first outbreak, and future outbreaks. Usually the first outbreak is more severe than the recurrent outbreaks. From the genital area down the leg, the same tingling feeling or itching in the can be noticed by the infected person. The pain associated by the genital herpes cause knee pain or not to some people. The pain actually varies and others will notice there are no visible sores that develop. If there are, blisters will appear that may be very small and barely noticeable that develops easily into open sores that crust over and then disappear.

If you wanted to find out if genital herpes cause knee pain or not, you have to see your doctor. Do not self diagnose your self. If you have previous genital herpes history and you can feel some tingling and burnings pain from the buttocks down to the legs, but there’s no sores showing up, you have to be careful. Regardless if there are no symptoms, the risk of transmission is still there. Use condoms to prevent infecting your partner.

Knowing the characteristics and symptoms of genital herpes can make things easy for you. You can handle and manage the disease and you can avoid transmission. Read and educate yourself about the disease. If the pain in your leg persists even after the outbreak is healed, you have to see your doctor. It could be caused by any other disease that is not associated to genital herpes anymore.