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Can Toddlers Get Genital Herpes From The Toilet Seat

Can toddlers get genital herpes from the toilet seat? Toddlers are very sensitive and fragile. A toddler running to and fro the daycare center is not aware of any danger or infection around the environment where he is wandering. In rare cases, when a person who takes care of a toddler has genital herpes, the virus can spread however on rare occasion if he is not cleaning the toilet seat. An innocent toddler could be using or touching that seat and if the virus is still active, the toddler can get infected. A toddler could be touching objects that had been previously touched by the infected person; it could be a toilet seat or a wet tub. A toddler who touched the infected part of the toilet seat and put her/hand into his mouth can get oral herpes.

How can toddlers get genital herpes from the toilet seat? These happen as mentioned on rare occasions only. The Infectious diseases are caused by germs, such as viruses and bacteria, can easily infiltrate the toddlers and infants knowing that the build up of their antibodies are not as strong as the adults. They are more vulnerable to get infected even in slight touch and mild exposures to the virus. The genital herpes virus is very contagious and land can be spread from one person to another. Although these diseases do not commonly occur in toddlers, however the account of toddlers that had been infected due to carelessness of the caregiver should be considered.

Infants and toddlers have not built up resistance and immunity to fight any viral infection including genital herpes. Even to germs and other communicable diseases like flu that are common to public places, the can easily catch them as they have not yet been exposed to many of the most common germs. The tendency of younger toddlers is that, what they picked up, they out in their mouth and if had been previously contaminated with the infected person, there is a potential risk of contracting the virus.

In order to prevent toddlers from getting genital herpes from toilet seat, proper hygiene measures should be observed. To prevent the spread of the virus to these the young ones, either parents or family members who have genital herpes should be clean the toilet seat after using. They have to wash their hands after using the toilet. In daycare facilities for kids, workers should be aware of the cleanliness of their facilities specially the bathrooms to avoid contamination. They have to look out for the possibility of serious skin infections and be on the monitor any cases of worsening skin problems. It is recommended that hand hygiene should be observed with the use of soap and water or alcohol based instant hand sanitizers. Clean any shared objects such as toys if possible.