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Nail Fungus No More Extra Strength SuperSize: 33ml
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Information About Nail Fungus

"I have been using your nail fungus product to get rid of my toenail fungus, which has been an ongoing problem for over a year! It really did an amazing job to get rid of my toenail fungus. My nails had turned a greeny/black color, and after only a week, the fungus is going away, and the new nail growing in is clear. I'm sooo happy!" - Sandra Miles, Orlando, Florida

Nail Fungus No More

Nail Fungus No More is the most effective topical anti-fungus treatment. It eliminates nail fungus on, in, and under the nail in days without relapse. It is composed of organic, anti-fungal plant extracts and essential oils.

The organic plant extracts in this product provide the most powerful effects against nail fungus. They quickly terminate the infection and restore the nail's normal color and texture.

Independent medical trials of this product have been conducted in the US and Europe. They show that the extracts in Nail Fungus No More effectively and safely kill nail fungus on contact. This product works time after time with guaranteed results.

This product is doctor recommend, approved for sales over the counter, and available without a prescription.

These organic ingredients act by killing the cells that cause infection without damaging skin. We guarantee that this is the strongest, most effective nail fungus treatment.

Forces of Nature has developed a revolutionary, 100% natural nail fungus treatment, Nail Fungus No More, which has proven itself to eliminate nail fungus within days.

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The potency of Extra Strength Nail Fungus No More

This extra strength treatment is designed to be as strong as possible without causing any irritation.

This product differs from Nail Fungus No More in that it has geraniols and extra phenolproponoids. These are proven to eliminate stubborn nail fungal infections.

The organic extracts in this extra strength product are grown in desolate regions of Corsica, with added extracts from mountains in Spain. These extracts and oils are found only in our extra strength nail fungus product, they are not present in any other fungal product.

Nail Fungus No More Extra Strength works quickly and provides an effective treatment against nail fungus.

Fungal nail infections dare destroyed upon direct application of this treatment. As an anti fungal treatment to terminate nail fungus, this treatment is the best there is.

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Fungal Cleanse

A New Era in Nail Fungus Treatment Era has Begun!

Fungal Cleanse is an ultra-powerful, anti-fungal dietary supplement. Fungal Cleanse helps rid the body of stubborn fungal infections without damaging healthy intestines. It is made up of organic, anti-fungal plant extracts and can be taken with topical application of Nail Fungus No More. As always, results are Guaranteed..

The Medical Journal of Australia states that the organic extracts found in Fungal Cleanse have shown remarkable activity, in Vitro and in Vivo, against Candida Albicans.

These findings have led to the development of phyto-pharmaceutical products, which containing the active ingredients in Fungal Cleanse, used to treat fungal infections.

Fungal Cleanse is a very useful tool that helps to balance the immune and nervous systems. It helps to deal with inflammation, infection and pain. When we use this treatment, we can break the body's stress cycle and boost it's immunity.

These organic extracts have a direct anti-fungal effect against Candida Albicans.

Candida Albicans is responsible skin infections like athlete's foot, nail fungus, and vaginal yeast infections. Therefore, we have developed necessary oral and topical therapeutic treatments.

Until the mid-20th century, human fungal infections were considered harmless. This thought soon changed, and in the 1950s, mycopathology became a specialty. The situation has been evolving ever since this change of popular thought.

According to Dr. Jean Chaumont, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacology of the University of Paris, an important thing to remember in this new wave of fungal infections has to do with our weakening immune defenses. Fungi are opportunistic, and dangerous if conditions are favorable.

Dr. Chaumont also says that Candida Albicans is able to manifest itself in individuals with deficient immune systems. As far as Candida infections, anti-fungal extracts can be administered orally for the best results.

Regular use of Fungal Cleanse boosts immune function, including nail fungus infections.

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Nail Fungus No More Medicated Soap (Sold Out)

Nail fungus in and under the nail has become a very common occurrence, and is very contagious. Once infected, nail hygiene is of the utmost importance. It is imperative to clean the infection with an anti fungal cleanser and then apply an equally powerful anti fungal solution. The use of an anti fungal dietary supplement can also be taken to provide anti fungal help. This is particularly beneficial when treating chronic, stubborn nail fungus infections.

Nail Fungus No More is concentrated in our new anti fungal soap. Infected nails and nail beds should be washed daily with this anti fungal soap, followed by topical application of Nail Fungus No More/Extra Strength.

Nail Fungus No More medicated soap is an unmatched anti fungal soap that should be used with Nail Fungus No More/Fungal Cleanse. Clinical trials prove that the active ingredients in these treatments kill fungi causing nail fungus and provide concrete results in the elimination of nail fungus occurring in and under nail beds. Therapeutic results are immediate with a clearing of the condition often seen in a few days.

The medicinal plant oils in our nail fungus treatments and anti fungal soap display an impressive amount of pharmacological actions, providing curative results in the treatment of nail fungus as supported by published medical studies.

Nail Fungus No More and our anti-fungal soap provide deep penetrative action. Because of this, they are highly sought after for personal use.

Our one of a kind formula and special manufacturing process creates a bar that is the perfect catalyst for the dispersion of Nail Fungus No More into your skin. The formula is based on laboratory evidence that support the use of Nail Fungus No More as an effective anti-fungal agent.

Nail Fungus No More topical treatments and Nail Fungus No More Medicated Soap terminates fungus upon contact. These products and are necessary for the elimination of nail fungus.

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About Nail Fungus

A fungal infection named onychomycosis infects and destroys the entire nail. There has been no medical cure until now. This fungal infection is slightly different from the infection that causes athlete's foot.

Symptoms include a discolored and thickened nail that becomes brittle and then falls off.

Medical treatment has proven oral agents such as Griseofulvin has side effects of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, mental confusion and headaches. The cure rate is very low; 3%-38%.

There are other oral medications that have reported effectiveness, but all of these treatments have the potential to cause significant health problems including liver damage.

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How does Nail Fungus No More work?

The organic extracts and oils concentrated in Nail Fungus No More not only have a proven ability to kill the nail fungus, but also to stop further spreading.

Negative side effects were not shown from using the specific concentrations of extracts of Fungus No More. Using Fungus No More also helps tissue repair and skin healing.

The organic oils and medicinal plant extracts in Nail Fungus No More have the innate ability to penetrate into the cell membranes. This gives users a wide spectrum of action against nail fungus.

The oils are soluble in fatty tissue and cell membranes. This allows the anti-fungal properties to be absorbed by the cells and to kill the fungus under nails.

They are absorbed by nail beds and provide a distinct healing effect restoring the nail back to original color. Nothing works with the speed and efficiency of the organic essential oils found in Nail Fungus No More.

In addition, all natural terpinols and phenylpropanoids are in concentrated form in Nail Fungus No More. These compounds are proven to eliminate nail fungus with no relapse. This one of a kind formulation isn't available from any other company, it can only be found at Forces of Nature.

The medicinal extracts and organic oils found in Nail Fungus No More are not only proven to terminate the virus that causes nail fungus, but they are also able to stop further spread of the fungus.

Nail Fungus No More has a penetrating strength which helps in the destruction of nail fungus. This is critical as the fungus infects the root of the nail bed in addition to the surface.

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How to use Nail Fungus No More

You should clean the area thoroughly prior to application. Apply and rub a few drops of the product over the nail beds, three times daily. Results are generally seen within a day of application.

The underside of nails contain a wide bevy of microbes. With application of Fungus No More, infectious disease will be reduced significantly.

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About Essential Oils

We have conducted comparative studies of hundreds of essential oils used to treat infectious disease.

The results obtained show that many organic oil products either have impurities or are diluted and the actual oil is present only in insignificant amounts. Our tests have proved that essential oil products found on line use adulterated, impure oils.

Because there is no regulatory agency in North America for policing these essential oils, fraud is very common. Be wary of spending your money on competitors, they never provide the benefits of Forces of Nature's treatments.

Forces of Nature is the pioneer of medical aromatherapy and still the best on the market.

We are constantly testing organic, essential oils from available sources throughout the world. Our sources harvest extracts in limited quantities.

It is simply impossible to meet the quality standards achieved by Forces of Nature. Our treatments provide the most potent effect against infections with unequaled results.

Tea tree oil is the most common product found in most essential oil treatments for fungal infections. However, it may not always be effective against fungus under the nails.

By combining powerful anti fungal extracts, we have increased the effectiveness and strength of our nail fungus treatment, and its effectiveness is seen 100% of the time.

Medical experts assert fungus under the nail is generally beyond the reach of commercial essential oils which is simply not strong enough to kill the fungus.

Nail Fungus No More contains concentrated phenolpropenoids and use of this treatment will eradicate even the most stubborn nail fungus.

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I have been using your nail fungus product to get rid of my toenail fungus, which has been an ongoing problem for over a year! It really did an amazing job to get rid of my toenail fungus. My nails had turned a greeny/black color, and after only a week, the fungus is going away, and the new nail growing in is clear. I'm sooo happy!
Sandra Miles Orlando, Florida

I have had nail fungus on my fingers for several years and nothing has worked to fix the discoloration. I used your nail fungus treatment in the afternoon and evening, the next morning I could see significant improvement in the color of the nail. I am most grateful.
Bob Harrison Tucson, Arizona

What a wonderful product!!!! I have been using Nail Fungus No More oil for a toenail fungus that I have been fighting for years. After 5 days of using your oil I now have normal toes. For the first time in years I feel that I will finally have pretty feet, and just had my first pedicure in years. It felt wonderful and my toes look so pretty painted with nail polish. Thanks for a wonderful product that delivers what it says it will do. Keep up the good work. This stuff is amazing.
Terri Tucker Virginia Beach

Both products I purchased performed as advertised when used as directed. I would recommend to anyone who has used any other product to switch to these. I used the wart remover and nail fungus treatment. After years of using other treatments with no sucess, I was thrilled to see products that worked. I will be speaking to my Doctor about these products, and hopefully she will recommend them to others. Keep up the good work!
Kerry Koehler from Iowa

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Medical Studies

The Department of Dermatology, University of California, San Francisco, conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled study to examine the clinical efficacy of an anti fungal cream, with the extracts concentrated in Nail Fungus No More.

"Sixty outpatients (39 M, 21 F) aged 18-80 years (mean 29.6) with 6-36 months duration of disease were randomized to two groups (40 and 20), active and placebo.

After 16 weeks, 80% of patients using medicated cream were cured, as opposed to none in the placebo group. During follow-up, no relapse occurred in cured patients and no improvement was seen in placebo group."

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Non Profit medical group completes landmark survey which finds Forces of Nature treatments, by a wide margin, ranked #1 in terms of customer satisfaction and efficacy vs prescription and non prescription treatments.

This product is endorsed by Pharmacology Departments and Faculties of Medicines in Major Universities as well as Medical Doctors. We use only Certified Organic medicinal plant extracts. This not only provides the highest possible therapeutic results but helps maintain a sustainable chemical free environment.