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"H-Balm has been a life saver. It works, it's powerful, it's instant relief... I wish my doctor had told me about the product to begin with. I did research and found it on-line... I am so thankful that I found it." - E. Kepke, Denton, TX, Jan. 07

What is H-Balm?

H-Balm and H-Balm Daily are ground breaking treatments for oral herpes/cold cores, genital herpes, and canker sores.

Worldwide independent medical studies show indisputable evidence that the ingredients in H-Balm deactivate and eliminate the herpes virus. H-Balm is Doctor recommended, proven safe for use, and guaranteed. Outbreaks have been permanently eliminated by using H-Balm and H-Balm Daily.

Dr. Rolf Deininger concluded from a published medical trial that the H-Balm constituents were curative and preventative when treating herpes.

H-Balm is all natural and organic. All extracts and essential oils in H-Balm have been tested to be free of pesticides and chemicals. H-balm is recommended over other topical herpes treatments. H-Balm and H-Balm Daily are the safest and most affordable treatments available to help eliminate and deactivate oral and genital herpes outbreaks.

H-Balm and H-Balm Daily are comprised of high quality essential oils like Melissa, Lemonbalm, and six other anti-viral essential oils and plant extracts all proven to deactivate the herpes virus. H-Balm and H-Balm Daily are 100% pure, natural and organic.

The ingredients in H-Balm were medically proven to deactivate the herpes virus within a half hour, if not immediately upon application. The chemical makeup of H-Balm are also part of the human biological makeup. These vital ingredients are the end product from years of organic development, providing a non invasive, biochemically harmonious system of medicine.

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How does H-Balm work?

The all natural essential oils of H-Balm and H-Balm Daily have the ability to permeate into the cell membranes to provide thorough cleaning of the herpes virus. These oils are soluble in fatty tissue and cell membranes. This trait also allows the oils to absorb into the blood stream through topical application.

Non-organic Natural oils have generally been treated with herbicides or pesticides. If one uses a non-organic, non-pesticide free product topically, they will be putting chemicals and toxins directly into their blood stream. Non organic oils are a fraction of the cost of organic oils, but have caused serious health problems. This is a primary reason why Forces of Nature only uses organic and pesticide free oils.

This action also eliminates pain in nerve endings. Nothing penetrates into cell membranes to deactivate and kill the herpes virus at the speed of the oils found in H-Balm and H-Balm Daily. Using these products have permanently eliminated outbreaks. See testimonials below for further proof.

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H-Balm and H-Balm Daily

Use H-Balm to help stop an outbreak, then use H-Balm Daily to reduce severity and frequency. Use of both products together has proved to totally eliminate outbreaks.

One bottle of H-Balm Daily contains approximately 100-150 applications. Apply 2-3 times daily. One bottle of H-Balm also contains about 300 drops. Apply 5 times per day during an outbreak. Using both products together is highly suggested to manage future outbreaks.

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The power of H-Balm Extra Strength

H-Balm Extra Strength is all natural and composed of certified organic oils which neutralize the herpes virus.

The University of Maryland's Department of Microbiology tested these oils for their effects against the herpes virus and concluded that these extracts deactivated all viruses tested. These tests proved the elimination of the virus and provided a clear example of the activity of the organic extracts used in H-Balm Extra Strength.

These extracts are given as an anti-viral treatment. The organic oils in H-Balm Extra Strength are composed of terpene oxides. When treating genital herpes, oral herpes and canker sores, H-Balm Extra Strength's success is unparalleled.

The organic oils in H-Balm Extra Strength have a risk factor of near zero. H-Balm Extra Strength is the only formula treating herpes using these organic extracts. Outbreaks are generally eliminated when this product is used in the Prodrome phase.

It is recommended to use an all organic product when treating herpes because organic oils care for the skin. Topical application of essential extracts absorb into your blood stream. Non organic products leak chemicals and toxins into your blood stream. Our products are organic, which is why they are superior.

H-Balm Extra Strength is different from H-Balm: it is concentrated with Certified Organic terpene oxide extracts, which are proven to kill the herpes virus. These oils aren't present in any other products on the market.

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H-Balm ImmunoBoost

H-Balm ImmunoBoost is a ground breaking dietary supplement for the treatment of genital herpes, oral herpes, and canker sores. H-Balm Immuno Boost can be used with our topical herpes treatments as well.

H-Balm ImmunoBoost induces stimulation of white blood cells to kill viral infections in the body. This treatment is composed of organic extracts possessing proven antiviral properties that deactivate the herpes virus. This is especially useful to strengthen the immune systems for those who get frequent outbreaks.

The primary effects of H-Balm ImmunoBoost are its anti-viral benefits. It contains a high level of antioxidants from the high concentration of medicinal plant extracts. Regular use as a dietary supplement boosts immune function and stops outbreaks.

H-Balm ImmunoBoost is formulated to jump start the immune system to attack the herpes virus. The extracts were proven to be an effective stimulant of the the cells responsible for killing viruses. This harnesses your body’s natural defense system to eliminate infections. This sets off an immune reaction to reject any invading infection. This is a must have treatment for anyone who wants to permanently control outbreaks.

The plant extracts in H-Balm ImmunoBoost display a range of beneficial properties supported by the Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine, of Kyoto University.

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H-Balm Medicinal Soap (Sold Out)

We have formulated a breakthrough antiviral soap using high concentrations of H-Balm. We blended organic plant extracts that destroy the herpes virus with all natural healing botanicals to create H-Balm Medicated Soap. This nourishing blend of extracts provides an unmatched antiviral soap to treat herpes.

This soap is not only antiviral, but also exfoliating. It provides healing and antiviral properties to treat herpes. Anyone affected with herpes will benefit greatly with the use of this medicinal soap.

During an outbreak, hygiene is absolutely critical. Skin tissue is already vulnerable to further infection as a result of visible sores. It is imperative to clean the infected area with an all natural agent before applying a topical treatment. Strengthening of the immune system with a dietary supplement can be done using the select group of plant extracts found in H-Balm Immunoboost.

H-Balm treatments are thought of as the most effective herpes treatments on the market. They have the ability to kill the herpes virus and have a reputation for being the best anti-herpes medicinal treatment. As H-Balm treatments provide exceptional results in the treatment of herpes, they are effective natural remedies for home use against herpes.

As H-Balm treatments can be used to stop and reverse symptoms of herpes, the soap is a potent antiviral cleanser. It is to be used daily as a body and facial cleaning agent.

Our one of a kind formula and special manufacturing process create a 100% natural soap that is an ideal treatment for the application of H-Balm onto the skin. The make up is based on laboratory evidence to support the use of H-Balm as an effective herpes treatment. The combination of H-Balm Immunoboost, topical treatments, and medicated soap destroy the herpes virus. These treatments are the best on the market.

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Information about herpes and the herpes simplex virus

For expert medical advice on herpes and HSV, please visit www.herpes.org.

Herpes is a virus transmitted between animals and humans. There are about eight different strains of herpes. The two main classifications of the herpes virus are Herpes Simplex 1and Herpes Simplex 2.

Herpes Simplex 1, or HSV1, are commonly known as cold sores. They generally infect the area surrounding your mouth, although there have been increasing cases of HSV1 in the genitals.

Herpes Simplex 2, or HSV2, infects the genital tract. Genital herpes remains one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases.

It is estimated that over 80 million Americans have genital herpes. The current estimate is that approximately 80% of Americans will suffer from a cold sore at least once in their lives.

Genital herpes infects the nerve cells in the bottom of your spinal column. Oral herpes infects the nerves at the top of the spinal column and base of your brain.

The herpes virus is very contagious. Anyone seeing symptoms of a lesion must be very careful when being sexually intimate. When the virus has been transmitted, it is permanent

An HSV2 outbreak starts with a few blisters. Without treatment, the blisters can last several days and then form scabs at the end of the outbreak.

Studies indicate that some people may be contagious at any time even without signs of an outbreak. This is referred to as viral shedding.

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Using H-Balm and H-Balm Daily


Apply H-Balm immediately during an outbreak or when you feel one about to happen. This product is a potent blend of plant extracts that can deactivate the herpes virus.

Apply to the outbreak area. One can either apply the oil directly to the outbreak or use a moist cotton swab with H-Balm and dab. Outbreaks are dramatically reduced with frequency of use.

H-Balm Daily

H-Balm Daily is a suppressive treatment for herpes outbreaks. Apply 2 or 3 times daily to outbreak areas.

This product is formulated for daily use. Like H-Balm, this product is composed of all natural plant extracts proven to deactivate the herpes virus. Results will improve with frequency of use. Using H-Balm to stop outbreaks and using H-Balm Daily to reduce their frequency and severity has proven to be successful.

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Active ingredients

Melissa, lemonbalm, and other certified organic antiviral extracts

Stannous fluoride (same ingredient found in toothpaste!)


Marine algae

Tea tree

Use the highest quality genuine natural ingredients






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I was in the process of using the Zovirax cream (for cold sores) & it was working pretty well so I thought...just a bit slow. It had contained the spread, but the drying out & healing was not happening fast enough for me. It was just very, very slow. I figured I would give it one more day to clear up a bit more..however Thursday morning came around & it had not. So Thursday afternoon at around 5:00 I started using the h-balm. I applied perhaps 4 times that evening before going to bed. Right before I went to bed about 12, I'd already seen a 50 percent improvement. I woke in the middle of the night about 4..dabbed a little on it then went back to bed. Woke up @ 7am Friday morning..the cold sore is COMPLETELY dried out AND healed over. All that remains is the scab covering the sores. Now mind you..I used this stuff like half a day on sores that were a third of the way dried out. I am completely sold...H-Balm IS the deal!

Lisa Kenzie, FL

I just wanted to send a note of thanks for your great products. Yesterday I felt some tingling on my genitals, which happens to me sometimes, not always, before a herpes outbreak. I have been using the H-Balm Daily over the past few months which seems to be helping. However, as I felt an eruption pending I started to apply H-Balm Extra and took a few shots of your immunoboost product. Next morning I woke up and saw a very, very tiny blister about the size of a pin head on my penis. I rubbed the H-Balm into the outbreak area and 30 minutes later my skin was clear and the blister was completely gone! Wow, I was so psyched. Before I found your products I used zovirex cream on my last outbreak which did not help much, the outbreak exploded and lasted over 10 tortuous days! What a nightmare that was. Your products are infinately more powerful and effective. I am so very grateful.

Robert Morgan oneworldlyone@yahoo.com

About a year and 1/2 ago I contracted the hsv. I have always been pretty healthy so this sent me into a great deal of depression. I never knew anything about this virus or how it was even transmitted. Needless to say, I went from knowing nothing to everything. The biggest shocker to me was that there is no cure. Anyway, my outbreaks were really horrible and intern made me feel horrible about myself. I just wanted to hide. Know one new other then my husband or my internist what I was dealing with. I was prescribed Valtrex which did absolutely nothing for me, but give me an allergic reaction ( itchy little hive like bumps on my skin) I continued to try a few other products with no relief. The outbreaks would last a few days then reoccur every 1 to 2 months. Finally I came across Forces of nature after spending a couple hours of theraputic research on the Internet. I read and read all about the products, testimonials etc. I decided to give it a shot. The fact that this product was not a drug and all "natural organic" intrigued me. I am all for alternative medicine. I personally think prescriptive medicines, drugs which is exactly what they are, can do more damage then good. That has been proven and I have seen it. Anyway, I received H-Balm and in all truth, experienced relief immediately. The outbreak began to heal within 24 hours. Since I have been using this product my outbreaks have reduced from every 1-2 months to every 6 or 7 months. It is truly amazing. I finally feel normal like I used to before this happened to me. This product does 100% what it says. I am 32 years old and I have never come across any product that is 100% honest in it's results. I am still amazed.


I never knew that this little bottle of HBalm was a miraculous miracle and I absolutely love it. For years I've spent hundreds of dollars on products that either couldn't stop or alleviate core sores and one day I found your website and decided to take a chance. Well it was the best chance I ever took in my life because not only does it prevent it from reoccuring, when I first feel a tingle I apply it and the Hbalm stops the growth instantly.
I never get a chance to see the sore on my lips. If anyone has ever doubted your product then they are crazy because it really really does work!!!!!!!

Frances North Carolina

This product has really made a difference. In my case it took 4 days to see results. this is practically my first week using it and they got me for ever, I love it!. I was really skeptic about a natural product when big scientist in companies are producing advanced hight level products, but this product really convinced me by seen results. Thank you for such a wonderful product. I wish every person that wants to have a better quality life to try this. You will not regret it.

Thanks so much!!

Sincerely yours
A happy customer
Z. Santiago

Rating: Excellent
Forces of Nature is an excellent company with which to do business.
They answered my questions promptly and shipped my order on time. Most importantly, their products really produce the results as promised.

Lisa Folk

I developed a cold sore on my lip for about 3 days. Upon receipt of your product, I put it on my lip and the next day, the sore had all but dried up. I was very pleased with the results. I am also using the daily balm on the genital area, and the area looks much better. Thank you.

Rating: Excellent
When the mediacl profession can not help you, there is nothing wrong in trying herbal medicines. They may not always work but through my experiences I have come to believe and trust in them. Most of them you can't be found in a grocery store, yet they can improve a persons quality of health more then some people think. Thank you. Your store and others like it are well appriciated by me and others.

This product is unbelievable and a miracle. There is something for our pain, itch and outbreaks beside those horrible herpes medical pills. With two drops my pain is instantly gone.

Thank you God for your miracle plants.

Rating: Excellent I found the products and service provided by Forces of Nature to be excellent in every way. I just wish their web site had a more interactive forum for customers to discuss their products. The feedback reviews were great, though, and they do give you the option to e-mail satisfied customers, which other sites dont do. But aside from that, the products are excellent, well-formulated, pleasant to use, and very effective. I am very greatful to them.

(name withheld by request)

I suffered from genital herpes for 28 years. I contracted it in 1974, before most doctors knew what it was; I didn't even realize that it was herpes until several years ago while talking to a friend! I never used any treatment and would just suffer through the quarterly outbreaks that usually lasted 1 week.

The testimonials on your website really intrigued me, and I sent away for the daily suppressant and the outbreak oil. I had the worst outbreak ever right before I ordered them, and then a smaller one right after I got them. I put the outbreak oil on, and the next day it was gone!! I have been using the suppressant oil since then, and have not had even the slightest tingle.

I haven't ever tried anything else, but THIS WORKS, it really works. Smells wonderful, too. Bless you for producing such wonderful natural products and for bringing me relief! I am now a lifelong customer. Best regards, Sharon from Florida

Thank you so much for your prompt attention to my order, and thanks so much for the treatment. I have had cold sores all my life and now I have something that will stop them dead even before they develop into huge sores.

It is sure nice to know that I don't have to walk around with ugly sores on my face and have them there for weeks at a time and then get more. It is a never ending circle.

You have made my last 2 months feel great. Since I started this product 2 months ago, I now feel great.
Thanks alot. Gaye. M. - Ontario - Canada

If you are looking at this website because you can't bear the sight of your face in the mirror and you are contemplating whether or not to spend the money on yet another herpes treatment.....YES! YES! YES! You will thank the gods in the heavens above the minute you apply this to your cold sores, I know I did!

I have tried EVERYTHING from Valtrex to Lysine to voodoo, and nothing has produced results like Hbalm. It is a true invention of modern medicine, and the only shameful thing is that everyone doesn't know about it.

I have made a pact with myself to tell people suffering from cold sores to get some Hbalm - I even carry an extra bottle on me at all times, just in case I can help someone else the way this products has helped me. This is the most worthwhile investment I can remember making.

"I recently received my order of H-Balm and I'm so excited. I've been getting outbreaks every month and nothing seems to help. I take Lysine, vit. C, E, and also multi. Vit. These help some, but still my outbreaks have been horrendous! I've used H-Balm once already and the results were unbelievable. It worked so quickly, I was amazed. I'm so glad I found your web-site! I've been battling genital herpes for 9 years now and like I said nothing has helped me as much as H-Balm has.

I've even tried anti-viral meds such as Zovirax and Famvir (which are so expensive). I can't thank you enough for coming up with such an awesome product. I've been so depressed over the frequency of outbreaks and finally I have hope! I'm more than happy to help you and others in any way I can because I know first hand how devastating this disease can be when it has control over you. Finally I'm in control!!!"

"The H-Balm products have been a godsend. I am a 55 year old female who was diagnosed with genital herpes 18 months ago. From the outset, I suffered chronic and severe outbreaks, including almost daily prodomal pain. This continued even though I was taking an oral suppressant. Approximately two months ago I tried H-Balm and experienced immediate results. The sores healed within 24 hours of the first application and the prodomal pain disappeared. I then followed up with H-Balm Daily and have been using it faithfully every day since then.

I have rarely experienced signs of an outbreak since first using these products. However, on the occasion when I did, I applied the H-Balm at the first sign of prodomal pain and this completely warded off the outbreak and the prodomal pain again disappeared. This product has not only taken away my physical pain but it has helped restore my self-esteem. Without the constant reminder of the outbreaks, I am now able to focus on the more positive aspects of my life.

Please feel free to you use any portion or all of my comments in your testimonial section. We're all in this together and if my experience can help or encourage anyone, I'm more than happy to share. Thank you, for the work that you're doing. You are making it possible for herpes sufferers to have hope for the future and to find relief in our everyday lives."

"The H-Balm arrived yesterday and, yes, I must admit, it really works pretty damn fast.... less than 24 hours, about three applications, and a really big open sore area which kept getting bigger was almost totally healed....what a huge difference.... thanks for such a great product.

"Unfortunately the other day I felt my lip begin to swell so I rushed home to test my new product, hopeful but not sure of the outcome (this is the first time ever using H-Balm....)

Well,... WOW! I'm still kind of in shock that this stuff PREVENTED a cold sore from appearing. My precious lips which I cover in SPF sunscreen every single day look exactly as they did 2 days ago before I felt that awful tingling. Like lips! I did not have to go through that horrible mess of dealing with physical and emotional torment that once in a while disrupts my life for a few weeks! A cold sore itches and hurts. Not to mention they're unsightly, and even after their gone, they leave their mark, which takes months to go away! I'm thrilled- You really found the secret ingredients! ;)

Thank You. I've cleared my medicine cabinet of creams and gels and potions to make way for your products. H-Balm is truly a gem and life is sweet again!"

I want to thank forces of nature for helping me with bottles of this H-Balm oil. I had herpes for two weeks, and within this period it was hell. The pain was unbearable and the scar irritating. I went to the internet to find out what this illness is all about.

That was how I was hyperlinked to your website. I read testimonials of different people including that of one Sharon Fitzgerald. Because good medical infrastructure is expensive where I come from, I wrote to Sharon to see if she could help me purchase your H-Balm oil. Like she was Godsend, she replied immediately giving me hope that a respite would come. Within one week of use, the pains were gone and right now, I am okay.

I gave a colleague in the office who has visible eczema in the face the second bottle, and right now there's a remarkable change. Thanks to your H-Balm. I shall always remain grateful to you all, especially to Sharon Fitzgerald. Without her I probably wouldn't be writing this. This oil should as a matter of fact be made free by the Ministry of Health for poor people who cannot afford them. God bless you all.

Austin Okpaleke
Lagos, Nigeria

I recently had an outbreak wanted something natural without a prescription that kills this virus and penetrates skin .I found your ad on antopia and tried H balm, THIS STUFF KICKS THE HELL OUT OF HERPES,THANK GOD FOR FORCES OF NATURE !!!!! I would recommend everyone try this product!!!!! I WILL BE A FORCES OF NATURE FAN FOR LIFE .THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP !!!!

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Information about essential oils

The founder and President of Forces of Nature, Peter Klapper, completed his masters program in the pharmacological effects of plant extracts to treat conditions and disease. Peter is a specialist utilizing medicinal plant extracts and works extensively with the medical community. His innovative research led him to develop unprecedented therapeutic medicinal formulas to treat specific conditions and disease, all clinically proven and embraced by the medical community.

As a result, Forces of Nature is a pioneer in the health industry and its products are carried in pharmacies in America. Forces of Nature continues to be at the forefront of the natural health sector and its exclusive product line is composed of proven natural therapeutic treatments.

Forces of Nature has developed and promotes the highest quality natural therapeutic products to health professionals and specialized businesses.

Peter personally purchases extracts and essential oils directly from farmers across the planet.

Only those extracts which are wild grown or organic are used to make our treatments. No chemicals or pesticides found in our products.

This is why Forces of Nature products are so special; we have relationships established with the European and Asian growers of these pure extracts. We purchase directly from the source. This is another reason why our products are far superior to others and our quality cannot be replicated.

As a result, most other companies unknowingly use oils or extracts which are cut with sterile cloned plant oils produced at huge industrial levels to serve as fragrances or correctives for large soap and detergent companies.

The sad thing is that many of these essential oil companies do not even recognize this as they are forced to purchase from brokers and never interact with the farms or sources.

Therefore, companies promoting medicinal products which are not available over the counter, are not medically endorsed, or not carried in pharmacies or retail outlets, are highly suspect.

As Henri Pouchon, President of the Confrerie de Lavande (French Regulatory Organization) recently noted regarding french lavender production: “We produce about 50 tons of True and Super Lavender, but brokers end up exporting 250 tons. This is a greater miracle than the ones of Lourdes where the Virgin Mother has appeared three times.”

In other words, brokers buy oils from the farms, cut them up to 500%, and then resell the oil to unsuspecting companies who attempt to create or offer essential oil treatments. E-tail (internet only companies) fall into these unsuspecting essential oil companies and use pesticide laden oils.

This is why Forces of Nature buys direct from the farm. If not, we would be purchasing diluted oils adultered up to one fifth their potency of the real extracts, with potentially negative side effects, which is what happens to the majority of other companies with essential oil products. They are, unfortunately, not using true essential oils, regardless if they claim their oils are pure and all natural. This you will never find from Forces of Nature.

Our extracts and essential oils are of wild origin and are grown in fields away from pollution sources like factories and roads. Our extracts are grown from biological agriculture; this excludes all synthetic chemicals, such as pesticides and herbicides. Our extracts and oils are pure and complete no dilution or adulteration, purchased direct from the growers.

This is also why Forces of Nature is globally recognized for its superior products and is highly regarded in medical communities. Forces of Nature’s products are endorsed by the Medical Community from American Medical Doctors working in ER departments in hospitals to Holistic Health Practitioners. The products are carried in pharmacies as well as over the counter retail stores across America.

Pure essential oils have remarkable ability to penetrate into cell membranes to provide a wide spectrum of action against the herpes virus and to alleviate pain in the nerve endings. No other product can penetrate into the cell membranes at the speed and efficiency as pure essential oils.

Products in a tube, topical "gels" or creams may contain cortisone which actually worsens a herpes condition. Creams, ointments and other topical anti-viral products are almost always filled with impermeable substances or carriers, which sit on your skin and do not penetrate into the cell membranes.

The plant extracts in H-Balm were further proven in published medical studies to inactivate the herpes virus in 30 minutes after exposure, and most experience immediate results upon application.

Unnatural products can also be toxic as some have warnings stating if ingested one should "contact a poison control center immediately." Application to open sores or blisters of synthetic anti-viral products may also be harmful as they may pass into the blood stream.

The chemical constituents of H-Balm are part of the human biological makeup, pure and all natural, derived from millions of years of planetary development, providing a system of medicine which is not only in total biochemical harmony with the human body, but also non invasive.

Clinical trials conducted by researchers demonstrate that when the anti-viral oils in H-Balm were used for personal hygiene and during sexual activity, the incidence of genital irritations and infections were sharply reduced. Given the highly anti-viral nature of the oils in H-Balm, logic would dictate that using this product during sexual activity would also decrease and help prevent the transfer of viruses. Researchers also concluded that using the selected essential oils found in H-Balm and H-Balm Daily on the genitals is good hygiene and aesthetically pleasant.

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What the medical experts say

For expert medical advice from a Board Certified Doctor specializing in herpes please visit www.herpes.org.

"I have reviewed the scientific literature regarding the active ingredients in H-Balm and am highly satisfied that this product offers medically proven anti-viral efficacy to sufferers of herpes simplex virus infections. H-Balm has aborted outbreaks as well as greatly expedited the healing process and pain associated from herpes simplex infections." Dr. Ray, Board Certified MD, Medical Director of www.herpes.org

Dr. Deininger conducted further studies of the H-Balm ingredients and concluded the H-Balm extracts "have quantitative antiviral activity with a relatively broad spectrum of action against herpes and adenoviruses which were both curative and preventive when treating the herpes virus."

Click here to read Dr. Deiningers published study on treating herpes.

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Medical information and relevant studies

For expert medical advice from a Board Certified Doctor specializing in herpes please visit www.herpes.org.

Scientific studies have proved that the extracts in H-Balm effectively kill herpes simplex virus.

For example, Schnitzler and Schon showed, in the April, 2001, edition of Pharmizie, from Heidelberg, a peer-reviewed scientific journal reviewed in the scientific database "MedLine", the following:

  1. h-Balm extracts "exhibited high levels of virucidal activity against HSV-1 and HSV-2 in viral suspension tests."
  2. "Plaque formation was clearly reduced, when herpes simplex virus was pre-treated with the essential oils prior to adsorption. These results indicate that (H-balm extracts)...affect the virus before or during adsorption, but not after penetration into the host cell. Thus, (H-Balm extracts) are capable to exert a direct antiviral effect on HSV."
  3. "In order to determine the mode of antiviral action of certain essential oils, either cells were pre-treated before viral infection or viruses were incubated with specific oils before infection, during adsorption, or after penetration into the host cells Plaque formation was clearly reduced, when herpes simplex virus was pre-treated with the (H-Balm) oils prior to adsorption. These results indicate that these specific extracts affect the virus before or during adsorption, but not after penetration into the host cell. Thus the oils are capable to exert a direct antiviral effect on HSV. Although the active antiherpes components of these extracts are not yet known, their possible application as antiviral agents in recurrent herpes infection is promising."

Schnitzler P, Schon K, Reichling J. Antiviral activity of Selected Plant extracts against herpes simplex virus in cell culture. Pharmazie 2001, April;56(4):343-7.

Our medical consultant feels that this indicates that the topical effect of using H-Balm on the skin of areas known to be infected likely causes a direct antiviral effect on the herpes virus, especially as it cycles from the spinal ganglia neurons to the skin.

Antiherpes virus activity of extracts from the medicinal plant Geraniaceae sanguineum L, found in H-Balm oil.

Serkedjieva J, Ivancheva S

Institute of Microbiology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia.

"The herpes virus inhibitory effect of extracts from the Bulgarian medicinal plant Geraniaceae (concentrated in H-Balm anti-viral oil), was investigated. The extract...inhibited significantly the replication of herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2 (EC50 =3.6-6.2 microg/ml) as shown by the reduction of virus induced cytopathogenic effect (CPE) and the protection of cells in MTT assay."

In specific concentrations matching those levels in H-Balm, "the preparation exhibited strong extracellular virus inactivating activity. In a preliminary experiment in albino guinea pigs the extract delayed development of herpetic vesicles following primary infection with HSV... "

PMID: 10075123, UI: 99173445

Antiviral properties of isoborneol, a potent inhibitor of herpes simplex virus type 1.
Antiviral Res 1999 Sep;43(2):79-92 (ISSN: 0166-3542)

Armaka M; Papanikolaou E; Sivropoulou A; Arsenakis M
Laboratory of General Microbiology, School of Biology, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Isoborneol, a monoterpene and a component of several plant essential oils (and H-Balm oil), showed dual viricidal activity against herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1). First, the components inactivated HSV-1 by almost 4 log10 values within 30 min of exposure, and second... at a concentration of 0.06% completely inhibited viral replication, without affecting viral adsorption. Isoborneol did not exhibit significant cytotoxicity at concentrations ranging between 0.016% and 0.08% when tested against human and monkey cell lines. Isoborneol specifically inhibited glycosylation of viral polypeptides based on the following data: (1) the mature fully glycosylated forms of two viral glycoproteins gB and gD were not detected when the virus was replicated in the presence of isoborneol...

Plant products as topical microbicide candidates: assessment of in vitro and in vivo activity against herpes simplex virus type 2. Bourne KZ, Bourne N, Reising SF, Stanberry LR
Children's Hospital Research Foundation, Department of Pediatrics,
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, OH 45229-3039, USA.

"There is considerable interest in developing topical microbicides; products to be used intravaginally by women for protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Many compounds derived from plants have been shown to have antimicrobial properties. We examined 19 such compounds in vitro by plaque reduction assay to determine their activity against a common sexually transmitted pathogen, herpes simplex virus type 2. .." compounds found in H-Balm "provided significant protection (P <0.05) in a mouse model of intravaginal HSV-2 challenge."

The extracts in H-Balm "further provided the greatest protection in mice and was also evaluated using the guinea pig model of genital HSV-2 infection where it demonstrated significant protection..."

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H-Balm, by a large margin, is rated the number one choice from consumers as their preference for topical herpes treatments. H-Balm outscored all other topical herpes treatments combined, both natural and synthetic, by over 600%!

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H-Balm, H-Balm Daily and Extra Strength Super Lysine for maximum treatment

Extra Strength Super Lysine for Herpes from Forces of Nature

Our chemists have specially formulated our Extra Strength Super L-Lysine to exclusively combat the herpes virus. Our Extra Strength Super Lysine is exclusively formulated to be time-released to effectively treat and suppress the herpes virus. Taking our supplemental Extra Strength Super L-lysine together with topical application of H-Balm and H-Balm Daily treatments is proven to effectively fight and prevent herpes outbreaks.

We find that by taking L-Lysine, in conjunction with applying H-Balm treatments topically, represents the safest and most effective treatment available to control the herpes virus and end outbreaks.

Each bottle of our Extra Strength Super L-Lysine contains 100 tablets of 500 mg of time released Extra Strength Super L-Lysine specially formulated under strict pharmaceutical standards and is made pharmaceutical strength. Extra Strength Super Lysine for Herpes does not contain any sugar, yeast, starch, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, egg and milk.

Use H-Balm and Extra Strength Super Lysine together for maximum effectiveness

For suppressive therapy to treat genital herpes:

  • Take 1,000 mg Super L-Lysine daily
  • Topical application of H-Balm Daily to reduce frequency and severity of recurrence.
  • Take 3,000 mg a day with application H-Balm Extra Strength to abort or quickly eliminate a herpes flare up.

Oral Herpes, cold sores:

  • Take 1,000 mg Super L-Lysine daily
  • Topical application of H-Balm Daily to reduce frequency and severity of recurrence.
  • Take 3,000 mg a day with H-Balm Extra Strength to abort or quickly eliminate the flare up.

Shingles (herpes zoster):

  • Take 1,000 mg Super L-Lysine 3 times a day
  • Topical application of H-Balm Extra Strength during a shingles outbreak.
  • Take 1,000 mg a day with H-Balm Daily to help reduce frequency and severity of shingles outbreaks.

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About Lysine and its impacts on herpes

Several years ago, the effect of L-Lysine against the herpes virus was noted in the test tube. Medical journals report that changing the nutritional environment of herpes alters its capability to make essential proteins. This amino acid balance can be critical especially between two amino acids, lysine and arginine when treating the herpes virus. These two amino acids work in somewhat opposite ways, in that lysine, in excessive amounts damages the herpes virus, while arginine in insufficient amounts has a similar effect against the herpes virus.

The lysine/arginine ratio is the important factor: a high ratio has a damaging effect on the herpes simplex virus in culture. Oral treatments have been shown to be effective to suppress the herpes virus, but do not demonstrate the ability to inactivate the herpes virus on the skin. It can therefore be concluded that L-Lysine, when used with H-Balm and H-Balm Daily, which are proven to inactivate the herpes virus when applied topically, represent the most powerful regiment for controlling the herpes virus.

L-Lysine is a naturally occurring substance called an amino acid. Amino acids are the building blocks of all proteins. Proteins in our body are used to make the molecular array that runs our metabolic processes. Our bodies have tremendous control over amino acids because we are so dependant on them. We are constantly making and destroying amino acids and connecting them one to the other in order to maintain the exquisite balance of our system.

Dr. R. Griffith published an article describing a multi-center trial of L-lysine for herpes infections. Doses of 300 mg to 1,000 mg per day were administered. A long term beneficial effect was observed for treating herpes. However, this study had no control group. Many people with herpes swear by L-lysine and H-Balm to treat herpes, as demonstrated in a recent landmark medical survey by the non profit medical group at www.herpes.org. In this study, over 1,000 people with herpes were polled. When asked what product they prefer and found to be the most effective to treat and eliminate herpes outbreaks, H-Balm was voted as the herpes treatment of choice, outscoring all other topical treatments combined by over 600%, including pharmaceutical drugs (acyclovir)!

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Living with Herpes (Published in Fitness Heaven)

Good News for People with Herpes

Recent landmark study in Cologne, Germany provides quantitative proof of anti-viral and anti-herpes effectiveness of essential oil constituents found in H-Balm herpes treatment. The anti-viral effectiveness of the essential oil constituents cinnamic aldehyde, terpene alcohols, and terpene hydrocarbons, showed both curative and preventive antiviral activity in animal experiments after otherwise lethal herpes injections were administered. The essential oil constituents induced a tremendous increase of antibodies which latched on to and killed the herpes virus.

It is therefore no surprise that over 150 hospitals in England alone administer essential oils when treating patients, while hundreds of other hospitals throughout Europe also utilize essential oil treatments.

It is estimated that over 80% of the population in America will develop oral herpes, which are often called "cold sores" or "fever blisters," while 20-30% have been diagnosed with genital herpes.

There is now a herpes treatment available from a new product called 'H-Balm,' which is 100% natural. Aldehydes and terpene hydrocarbons, both anti-viral herpes killing constituents, are main ingredients in H-Balm oil. A total of eight all natural anti-viral plant resins are specially mixed to form this powerful treatment. With only a few topical applications, a herpes outbreak can be ended, the pain eliminated, and the blisters dried up. This treatment is very powerful and proven effective. The creator of H-Balm struggled with herpes for 10 years before he developed his current treatment. Medication is available for people with herpes. However one has to be wary of contra-indications and side effects. Additionally, the medication can be prohibitively expensive, totaling over $200 per month. Use of H-Balm cost of only around $10 per month. Therefore, H-Balm is extremely valuable to anyone eager to treat herpes, cold sores, or fever blisters. Please refer to the website www.forces-of-nature.net for further details and clinical studies.

Use extreme care when handling and applying anti-viral oils - they are very strong. H-Balm is to be applied to affected area with cotton swab. Apply several times a day during an outbreak as needed, unless skin irritation occurs. Apply a small amount at first to test skin tolerance. Additionally, massaging several drops to the base and top of the spine, where the herpes virus lives in the body, along with massaging oil to the soles of the feet providing absorption into the blood stream, has shown to quicken the healing process. H-Balm is heavy artillery for combating the herpes virus. For suppressive treatment of the herpes virus, outstanding results have been achieved from daily application of H-Balm Daily. This is a less concentrated version of the H-Balm anti viral oils. Apply twice daily to areas of previous outbreaks. Moisten cotton swab with oil and apply swab to areas of previous outbreaks. This is a pure and natural treatment which suppresses outbreaks. This product is recommended if one experiences more than one outbreak a year.

Due to its strength, H-Balm is not to be used by pregnant woman or children. Always keep oils out of eyes and wash thoroughly after handling. It is concerning that there are very few studies to further develop the curative powers of aromatherapy in treating illness, as opposed to the billions and billions of dollars pharmaceutical companies spend to develop drugs. This is a demonstration of the economic interests governing scientific process. A wealth of recorded clinical research has been established regarding essential oils treating viral diseases. As a result, one would expect researchers to jump at this opportunity to study cures that could be effective, and being very affordable, available to all.

However, essential oils cannot be patented, and because scientists are economically dependent, these potential cures are mostly unacknowledged by the scientific community. The advantages of essential oils remain outside of science. Those willing to try aromatherapy, or essential oils, will find nontoxic and effective solutions for herpes simplex and herpes zoster through simple topical application.

Article from 'Fitness Heaven' (Reprinted with permission)

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Non Profit medical group completes landmark survey which finds Forces of Nature treatments, by a wide margin, ranked #1 in terms of customer satisfaction and efficacy vs prescription and non prescription treatments.

This product is endorsed by Pharmacology Departments and Faculties of Medicines in Major Universities as well as Medical Doctors. We use only Certified Organic medicinal plant extracts. This not only provides the highest possible therapeutic results but helps maintain a sustainable chemical free environment.